Do We Know What We Have Done? (01-21-09)

On Tuesday January 20th we elected the 44th president of the United States. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. Most of the nation is in awe, and dancing the Obama shuffle. Obama, will deliver on his main campaign promise and that is change. My question is, will our country survive the change and  still remain a country after the change? I know the unborn are in dire danger, more  than at anytime in history since Roe V. Wade. I think we are in just as much danger. I can assure you I will be posting article after article on our new president. I have been writing about prayer in my "Trumpet Blast"  newsletter and I urge all of you to do just that! Pray! Pray as you never have before.

Do we know what we have done? No. The majority are lost in the world of sound bites, sports, fast foods, and the latest movie. We haven't a clue, but when we do I don't know which will be worst, the mayhem and panic or the regret.