Ignorant Thinking Can Lead to Destructive Action: (01-10-09)

I sat down over a dinner table with a good friend of mine that I had not kept in contact with for a number of years. He, his wife, and I discussed a number of topics, but one could have become quite heated but I choose to let the words fade with the aroma of the food. The topic I let fade was our brief discussion regarding Israel.  Israel is too volatile of a topic for me to take issue with in the minutes we had to visit together. In fact there are three key dividers that are taking place in the Church. They are homosexuality, abortion, and the nation of Israel. We were of the same mind regarding homosexuality and abortion, but couldn't be more different than in our views on Israel. After I left certain words about Israel didn't fade,  but kept pounding  in my mind like the beat of a drum beating out an annoying beat that  I couldn't shake from my mind. "Israel is not looked on any more by God than any other nation."  "Look what the Israelis did to the Palestinians." These statements and a few more like them were made by my friend and his wife and it's words like these the result of ignorant thinking, that can lead to destructive action. My friends are like many, simply victims of the bias news media in which anti-Semitic sound bites of information are provided like fodder to jaded sheep too busy and occupied with the demands of daily living.

What about Hamas? The news media certainly covers this story. The situation in Israel is being portrayed as David and Goliath in the media in which Israel is playing the part of Goliath. Israel is over-reacting they report despite the fact that Hamas and  perhaps other terrorist groups have launched approximately 6,5000 rockets and mortars into Southern Israel just during the month of December of 2008. These attacks have been going on for eight years - But what about Hamas? Since its founding in December of 1997 Hamas has been  trying to destroy the Jewish state and replace it with an Islamic state.

The push for the so called "Road map to peace", by President Bush and Condoleezza Rice, which I and others call "Road map to hell", will pale by comparison when Obama and his henchman are in power. Anyone who thinks Obama is a friend to Israel probably thinks DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichlorethane) is recommended to be part of the overall healthy organic gardening program for happy gardeners. Books are currently being written and released  blaming the Jews for all sorts of the world's ills and the liberal press will paint this overall war on terror directly at the feet of Israel 

Jerry Golden said in "The Golden Report" dated Jan. 1, 2009  "We all know it is not Hamas and Hezbollah we are fighting it is of course Iran.  Over the past few years Iran has been able to dominate Lebanon with Hezbollah and Gaza with Hamas.  While the US and others keep trying to force the two state solution (disaster) on Israel.  The fact that Islamic Terrorists are building strongholds in both Gaza and Lebanon with the assistance of Russia, China and North Korea seems to be a fact over looked by the US Administration." He went on to say in the same article: "Which brings into question what are the Israeli goals are they to bring about another cease fire (Hudna) or a long term peace, or a two state solution.  Like in the recent Lebanon war we are seeing the ground troops being held back far to long.  Knowing that over 15,000 well trained Hamas fighters are staying underground waiting on the Israelis to move in the ground troops, knowing they will lose their fight but they are not afraid to die for Allah as long as they can kill some Jews.  In fact they donít care how many Arabs in Gaza are killed the fact is the higher the number the better for the media war."

I would recommend that you check out Jerry Golden's articles by going to his website www.thegoldenreport.com

Hamas is three in one in my opinion. Its a demented terrorist organization.  It is a mixture of political and  religious poison. They also use legerdemain, by manipulating the mass news media into changing truth into a lie. 

Hamas is the preferable bully on the playground. He keeps picking on the little guy, but one day the little guy gets enough and really beats the bully up. The bully goes and tells the teacher and the little guy gets expelled three days from school for fighting. Suddenly Israel is  the bad guy and I believe the stage is being set for much of the world including America to either turn their backs on Israel or worse and that is assisting in attacking her.

The bias media are being held captive by their own prejudices, pride, and ignorance. Many are trapped on a treadmill of half-truths and lies. The treadmill of slanted reporting started in journalism 101.  Their style of  reporting the facts have taken on their own commentary of their illusionary and misrepresentation of the facts.

Israel is keenly cognizant that Hamas' main supporter is Iran - they are joined at the hip and are basically one and the same. They contribute millions of dollars to terrorists. Other monies come from Muslim charities in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, but America has made donations also. A number of so-called charities have raised millions. Hamas has one goal - destroy Israel.  I believe Hamas' main fuel to feed her evil agenda comes from satan. Hamas is just one more player in this Islamic agenda to drown Israel in the sea. Be sure whose side you are on. The God of the Bible - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is on the side of Israel. His name is Yahweh not Allah.  Watch what you read and beware of the news you listen to.

The stage is already set for a peace agreement to be signed and I will be watching closely who is holding the pen. We are living in some frightening, but exciting times.

The promises made to Israel were unconditional - they are still in effect and that includes their land. Tiny little Israel is indeed the "canary in the mine" and we need to decide whose side we are on. My friends are good people and they are still my friends but they have slowly and surely been spoon fed false and spurious information which is a recipe for disaster. Ignorant thinking can and will lead to destructive action.

This author does not capitalize satan.