It's Time!!! (03-08-09)

I do not know who Obama thinks he is? His delusion of grandeur is about to be cured. He will acknowledge Yahweh God to be God  and he will acknowledge that before very long - he will be brought down! Yet like Pharaoh whose heart was hardened, Obama's heart will become harder and harder.  While he has the audacity to shake his fist in the face of Yahweh and to brag about his evil agenda, Yahweh will shake His fist at him. President Obama will learn that the LORD, is God.  Obama's agenda is to increase  the slaughter of the unborn, to promote the homosexual agenda, and to begin to turn a cold shoulder and give an angry look to the nation of Israel, but Yahweh will turn an angry look toward him.  There is another agenda Obama has and that is to reduce this nation to a third world non-entity country by making sure we are completely  broken financially and that our military is demoralized, and perhaps because of Afghanistan, dismantled and demolished as well. He will  continue to instill fear and also the notion that somehow he is the answer. We will find that the so-called answer is our curse not our cure. Our cure is to repent and turn to Yeshua as our absolute Lord as Savior.

But wait it's not just Obama, he was elected for his charisma, his persuasive speech, his claim to bring about change, and his so-called African-American heritage; and while he is a major player, he is not the manager.  Our country as a whole is to blame! Our country has compromised her values in two strategic arenas.  We have listened to angry women demanding that their bodies are their own and they should be allowed to murder the babies inside. We have listened to the perverted homosexual crowd demanding not only their right to sin, but for us to endorse it and very soon we will  compromise a third thing and that will be to join other nations who oppose the nation of Israel. This will be the final straw. It's time! The time is now to take a stand against all the blatant sin and say enough! We as a body of believers must speak out with all urgency against the lasciviousness, perversion, and violence that is taking place. We elected a most evil individual but he has a lot of ''powersters" on the team from hell. There are several calling the plays, but they also will also answer to the living God. 

It's time to first get our own house in order because God's judgment is imminent   -  it will start with the ones who claim to know Him. It's time to stop our sickly compromising and take an unmovable stand against the evil coming our of Washington, California, and other key parts of our country and the world. We must prepare spiritually and also physically. It's time to act and the time is now!

I will be writing more on this topic on our website as well as upcoming articles.