Trumpet Blast #54

June, 2009

Jack Hunter, Editor



Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm on My Holy Mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near.

Joel 2:1


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We have a Gentile and Messianic-Jewish focus. We are calling the Church to be holy, and prepare for the Great Tribulation, for it is at hand.  

We will trumpet out warnings of wickedness in the Church, our nation, and the world.  We ask the United States to stand by the nation of Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  We stand by our brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church and warn that persecution is rapidly approaching this country. We focus on the cross life and living the life that reflects the life of Yeshua.  We will proclaim the Word of God, calling all mankind to come to the cross and be washed in the blood of Yeshua.


The Heart of the Matter

It was Spring break - March 22nd of this year. I was on an instate vacation with my wife and grandson. We were outside of San Antonio, Texas and our intentions were to explore   a well-known tourist attraction called Long Horn Cavern. I stood outside the cavern which covered approximately one mile of fairly easy walking terrain,   but I knew I couldn’t do it. I shuffled around nervously just outside the entrance and tried to think of some excuse to not tarnish the “papa can do anything” opinion held by our eight year old grandson. After a brief debate with myself and then a  poor attempt at trying not  to dismantle my strong papa image,  I convinced  my grandson that I wasn’t that interested and just wanted to sit this one out. I soon realized the less than a quarter mile walk back to our vehicle was almost too strenuous. I had to stop and rest beside one of the large native oak trees about halfway between the entrance of the cave and our vehicle.  I knew something was drastically wrong. For weeks I tried to blame my lethargy and lifeless condition   on simply being out of shape due to the lack of exercise on my job during the winter, but no amount of rationalization would assuage the gut fear I had been dealing with for weeks. I was seriously ill.  The day after we returned home I made an appointment with my primary health care provider. He has given me medicine for asthma for several years and possibly the shortness of breath and weakness was due to asthma. However, he diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation. This is fairly common, meaning an irregular heart beat. Guess what? I had known that for years. He also gave me a referral to a cardiologist. My initial appointment with my cardiologist was less than climatic, neither one being very impressed with the other. I will say more about my cardiologist at the close of this article. After a battery of tests, I found out that two of my coronary arteries were   more than 90% blocked.  I was told by my cardiologist that it was a wonder I had not died while pushing a lawn mower at work.

To correct the blockages I had stents inserted - one in April and one in June. After the second stent procedure was completed I asked myself: How did that happen? How did my coronary arteries become blocked?  Since about the age of forty, I have followed an abstemious regimen; I have eaten clean Biblical foods, often organic, and an abundance of salads. My over-all diet could be described as salubrious, for lack of a better word.  However, before the age of forty I basically polluted my body with the grossest  intake. Although I never smoked, I ate swine flesh - i.e., bacon, ham, pork chops, potted meat, and of course  pork skins and pig feet. Combine that with a lot of catfish fried in lard, and way  too many animal  byproducts and you can see how I got in this condition.  I did a lot of damage years ago to clog my arteries.  The abstemious regimen of eating healthy foods since I turned forty has benefited, but it was not a panacea. I had to have a radical medical intervention, and   after two stents and  then adjusting and readjusting heart medicine and blood thinners, I am much improved! While other tests and one more procedure   await me, I believe I will be around to write many more newsletters and attempt to fulfill what the Lord wants me to do!

I believe all of us are cognitively aware that the heart is a complex muscular organ that maintains the circulation of blood throughout the body, but when you experience first hand the effects of coronary artery disease (CAD) then you really understand the gravity of the situation. A heart attack – in medical jargon is  an  “acute myocardial infarction”  caused by a complete blockage in one of the arteries that supplies blood to the heart. Two of my arteries were 90 per cent blocked but they are now open.  We still have to deal with the atrial fribrilation, and a few other things, but my condition is not terminal - there is a path of healing that I will follow. We are combining the treatment of my cardiologist, natural herbs, an even more  improved diet, and of course a lot of prayer to engender a healthy heart and good health.  

This is why I have not written anything in approximately three months. I was too exhausted and the blood flow was not reaching the brain to produce anything worth reading. (After reading this article, you may question if the blood is yet reaching the brain.). 

The news has been filled with the tragic sin-filled life of Michael Jackson, who according to main-line news sources suffered a heart attack. His heart stopped. At the time of this writing we are not sure as to why. I felt sorry for him for years, such a wasted life.

There is another who is suffering from coronary artery disease or CAD. Her condition is much worse than mine; hers appears to be terminal.  Believe it or not, she is more well known than Michael Jackson! And the only thing that can save her is a complete heart transplant, because her arteries are  99%   clogged with toxic pollutants. You know the patient well. She is the United States of America. Her heart is almost gone. For decades, peccant plaque  has filled her arteries and her intake of evil has caused her physical condition and enabled  her  to escape from reason.          The adjective “peccant” is a little known word meaning “sinning”, “guilty of a moral offence”.  I love this patient - she gave me birth, and it grieves me to write of her pending death! Yet she cannot continue as the America we know and love with clogged arteries  filled with peccant plaque!

            Islam is correct when they call us the great satan - at least as far as our immorality and lascivious living go. We not only condone homosexuality in our churches, but we ordain it! We abort our unborn, let the elderly die, and set the murderers free!

      The arteries to the heart of America have had a heavy buildup of peccant plaque for many years.  But the initial  intake   began with  my generation,  the  radical 60s. While I never experienced firsthand the radical attempt to dismantle this country; I watched it playing out on the six o’clock news.

             Out of my generation     came several strategic attacks that began to form the peccant plaque that   filled the arteries of this country.             One of the first attacks by the liberal intellectuals was to attack the religious system.        Mendacious books pontificating that “God is dead” started the young readers  to question their faith. Then prayers and Bible reading were silenced from the intercom of our high schools and replaced with the thought of the day. The attack on Christians started back in the 60s,  and today we have what we have – “political correctness”. “Political Correctness” espouses tolerance of all except Christianity. In the late 60’s minds were laced with LSD, and “pot” and rock music were rampant. The dismantling of our educational system was birthed. Today it’s the “dumbing down” of the students mind, while introducing “how to escape from reason”, the gay agenda, and political correctness. Slowly, but surely, anti- American and anti-Christian thinking is being introduced to the mind of the student. More peccant plaque filled the arteries of America and she began to experience weakness and shortness of breath. 

            Another attack on America was the dismantling of the family unit. This was also birthed in the 60s and it was called - radical feminism.  I believe the fascination with the lesbian life style came into being at an accelerated rate because of radical feminism.                          LBJ all the way” was the slogan for 36th President Lyndon Baines Johnson. His “great society” birthed the government taking the place of the male – but it pales by comparison if Obama has his way, including his socialist health care plan. If it’s   implemented then we will see the worst of big government and an end to good health care.

            This “anything goes” mentality of the 60s  propelled a mind-set that mutated into an unbridled sexual revolution that eventually gave birth to the “gay agenda”.  In the 60’s the “gay agenda”  was not as prevalent as today, but the mindset of freedom to do your own thing without consequences,  propelled this and other deviant ways of thinking into our life style. Perhaps the “gay agenda” alone has done more to dismantle the family than any thing satan has thought of. The “gay agenda” does not want acceptance; it wants approval. When laws are enacted to change marriage be other than between a man and woman, then this alone is  sufficient enough to clog major arteries with the grossest of peccant plaque, to the point of cardiac  arrest. The heart of the matter is this: for too long, America has had her arteries clogged with the grossest type of  peccant plaque and unless something is done, and done quickly and radically, we will not recognize this country any longer.                                Have you ever questioned why America is not mentioned in end-time prophecy in the Bible? Because it is either not here, or more likely it has been reduced to a third world nation.

This   In the last presidential election we elected a most extraordinary man -  extraordinarily diabolical and evil. He received his training from the graduating class of the 60s lowest caliber of radicals. Being grandiloquent and having charisma is ever so deadly when it is laced with venom, deceit, and evil.

 I no    I no longer believe America is Babylon. That belongs to Rome. But we certainly have her false religions, sodomies, lewdness, and lust! I certainly believe this country will experience more terrorist attacks from radical Islam; more airplanes will fall, more buildings will burn, and more beheadings will happen - some perhaps to well known individuals. Yet this will not cause America to fall. This will not be the catalyst of the fatal heart attack. It will cause marshal law, but something else will determine her demise.  An all-out implosion! She will die from within. Those radicals who were hell-bent on destroying this country in the 60s grew up. They became judges, lawyers, professors, teachers, pastors, priests, and others in the echelon. One became president. William Jefferson Clinton was well versed in the 60s mentality.

            America will perhaps merge with other third world countries and fade into a non- player in these last days. If she wants to be totally destroyed, let her turn her face against the nation of Israel, and she will cease to exist. There is too much  peccant  plaque, too much liberal lunacy, too much of MTV mentality. To prove my point, Americans mourn the tragic life of a sin sick man, Michael Jackson, in front of their televisions,     yet they are deaf and blind to the pending danger that surrounds them. The remedy, the cure, is not to merely elect more moral conservatives, and the like, but we must return to God Whom we once claimed to know and trust.  It must be  all-out repentance and anything short of that will fail. No stent or procedure will work; at best we come up with a nostrum that is sure to fail.  

            So what are we to do? We are to take an impervious stand against evil, and cease to compromise the values we once held! Although I will be somewhat involved in the political arena, elections alone will not correct the type of heart problem America has. Foremost,   I am going to focus on those in whom I can make a difference - my family, co-workers, people the Lord sends my way.  I will continue to write for as long as the Lord enables me. I will speak out against evil at all cost and uplift my Lord and Savior Yeshua.

             I mentioned near the beginning of this article I would say more about my cardiologist. He currently resides in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and he is a Muslim. If you are familiar    with my writings you are aware of my feeling regarding Islam.  Perhaps my cardiologist and I pre-judged each other. I won’t share his opinions although I know some of them, but I will share my own.  I still believe Islam is a false religion and radical Islam is most evil and dangerous. Yet after two discussions on religion and on world affairs, I will not paint Islam as a whole with quite so large of a brush as I have in the past.   There are many Muslims who wish to do good, and while I believe they are wrong theologically, many of their intentions are  to help others and make this a better place. My doctor, whom I not only respect as a physician, but as a man,  made a profound statement  in response  to my question about his profession and I quote:  “Knowledge without virtue is evil.”

           I agree with him and I hope we can continue our dialogues. My job as a Christian is to try to convert him and I ask each of you to pray for his salvation. Yet, I believe he sincerely wants to help people and we all need to adopt that into our life style. We Christians must   put to practice his quote, especially when it comes to theologically correct doctrine. We can have all the answers, know Greek and Hebrew, learn everything regarding eschatology,    but without virtue it is evil. I believe my cardiologist practices and walks out his talk.  I pray I can do the same.  The apostle Paul said that without love, he is a clanging cymbal!           Our first line of defense is to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is the real heart of the matter!

            I charge you in the name of Yeshua with love, to get your houses in order! Pray without ceasing, and love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself!

Now may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you through His Son Yeshua.

In His Service,

Jack Hunter

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem   

This author does not capitalize satan.