Why Even Bother to Claim Responsibility-We Know Who You Are  (11-27-08)

MUMBAI, India (AP) - Teams of gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant, a crowded train station and a Jewish group's headquarters in India's financial capital, killing at least 101 people, taking Westerners hostage, and leaving parts of the city under siege Thursday. A group of suspected Muslim militants claimed responsibility.

I am up early writing this on my favorite American holiday -Thanksgiving. I click on Yahoo because they always have a headline about the top news item. The headline they had at 7:00 AM was "WHITE HOUSE CHORES TO DO" The article described how Michelle and Barrack will have children do chores at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I am certain they had something previously about the murders by Muslims in India, but the headline spoke volumes on how the press will spoon feed us pabulum when we are starving for real meat from the press.

I do not even know why Islam or Muslim militants as they were called even bother to take responsibility. When do you hear of radical Jews murdering mass numbers of people. You don't - they just get murdered.  Islam is worshipping their false god of war, an off shoot of Moloch a cruel and violent false god. Allah is not Yahweh.  The United States will be dealing with more terrorist attacks and it will be from  radical Islam and they need not to even take responsibility for we will know it will be them from the start. They are violent, sadistic murderers and they will be one of the tools that Yahweh will use to bring this country to her knees in repentance and He will also use them to bring about Israel's repentance.

By the way, I still maintain that some of the real heroes of the world are Muslims when they convert to Christianity. But Islam is not the loving gentle giant that the liberal press portrays it to be and I am praying more than ever for  what lays in store for this country after January the 20th.