All His Daddy’s Men (12-17-06)

 I remember the book that was written in 1974 entitled: “All The President’s Men” written by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. They were the journalists that investigated the Watergate break in. The book chronicles all the details of the break in and about the men who participated in it.  A movie by the same title was released a couple of years later staring Robert Redford and Dusty Hoffman.

 Actually the title came from a well known nursery rhyme entitled Humpty Dumpty. ("All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.")  The book, “All The President's Men” did not do that well until the movie was released which tells you something about our literary skills even back in the 70’s.  But after the movie was released which coincided  with the paperback, the book took off.   However, Bernstein and Woodward were not on the cover, on the cover were Redford and Hoffman.

The book and the movie depict men who were summoned by their leader to do some covert deeds. These men were good at what they did. Alltlhough this was a dark day for America,   I actually liked some of the men from the Watergate era  G. Gordon Liddy and Chuck Colson are two men I remember, and two men I have learn to respect.  

But something else is going on in the current Bush administration that causes me to raise a chary and cautious eye and that is that President Bush is calling one of  his daddy’s men to help man the ship; the problem is he  very well may be the one to bring it down. The so-called captain is the notorious James Baker. I had rather have Mel Gibson at his most intoxicated moment in charge of Israeli affairs than James Baker cold sober having anything to do with Israel.

James Baker, served  as Secretary of State from 1989 through 1992 and also served as White House Chief of Staff from 1992-1993 under George Senior as he did in the Reagan Administration. But now he's one of daddy's men and  heads the new  "Iraq Study Group”. By the way it  was James Baker who was responsible for the disastrous Madrid Treaty of 1991. Baker is a Jimmy Carter type and that type is no frien of Israel!!!

This so-called study group suggested that the Bush administration's refusal to talk with Iran and Syria is the reason for our inability to stabilize Iraq. According to Mr. Baker and his ilk we are to bargain in good faith with two of the most evil, malicious and vindictive nations, Iran and Syria. Iran will come to be one of our worse enemies of all time – why get in bed with the enemy only James Baker can answer that.  

Gary Bauer said regarding the Baker-Hamilton report: "Other than Reagan conservative Ed Meese, the commission members were drawn out of the left-of-center political establishment of Washington. Their conclusions will embolden America's enemies and discourage America's friends.”

According to several news sources including Insight News, Baker would like to launch a Middle East Peace Effort without Israel and the Administration is looking this proposal over. “Under the Baker proposal, the Bush Administration would arrange a Middle East conference that would discuss the future of Iraq and other Middle East issues. Officials said the conference would seek to win Arab support on Iraq in exchange for a U.S. pledge to renew efforts to press Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Golan Heights.” 

One thing about Baker is that one cannot  accuse him of duplicity; his anti-Semitic actions are as plain as the salient nose on my face and that is very salient!


It appears George W. for some reason wants to listen   to disparaging words about Israel  from people like Baker, which in all actuality makes it appear that he rather Israel not be included in anything. This in turn further  supports my  repeated  prediction that I made about Mr. Bush several years ago and that is  that he is swimming with sharks. I said numerous times that President Bush is swimming with sharks and he will either become a shark himself or be devoured by them. Another shark is back in the pool and that is James  Baker.  I believe George W. needs to not only separate himself form the likes of Baker but his daddy as well.  Let daddy be a daddy but not an advisor and definitely don't invite anymore of daddy's men into the inner circle.

James Baker is one of daddy’s men we don’t need.  He has done enough damage already.