What We Believe

We proclaim that God is a unified One with three distinct personalities: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Salvation is a free gift, but itís not cheap. Yeshua sacrificed His life on a stake (cross) that we might have eternal life. However, He rose again and conquered death and hell. Itís only through Yeshua that we are saved.

We believe salvation comes when one believes with all their heart, calls upon the name of Yeshua (Jesus), turns from their sins in true repentance, believes the death, burial, and resurrection and acknowledges their own death, burial and resurrection by their exchanged life in Yeshua. Although water baptism does not save you in itself, it is imperative, it is the utmost importance to note that the Bible commands us to be baptized in water. Why? It is an act of obedience! We are to obey once we experience salvation and not debate the fine points.  Yet, there is nothing we can do to obtain salvation. We are saved by grace through faith. Yeshua did it all on Calvary. The finish work is in Him and Him alone. After this, itís imperative that one abides in Yeshua and follows Him all the days of their lives. We live out our walk by faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, grace is not a license  to sin, but  the  strength to obey!

Remember the word believe is really not strong enough in our English language. It is absolute trust. We are baptize in water because we are told to do so in the Holy  scriptures - it is more than a outward picture of an inward conversion - It is Not up for debate. We must repent - turn away from our sins. Trust is a day by day and moment by moment experience.

We believe the Bible is the very inspired Word of God and is vital for us today.

We believe we are in the last days and about to enter into the Great Tribulation and the Church will go through the entire Tribulation and it is essential to be prepared to do so. We believe Yeshua is literally returning to earth again to rule this planet from the city of Jerusalem.

This is basically our message. I am not a prophet but a mere watchman with a driving message that I must proclaim. Now may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you through His Son, Yeshua.