Chinese Handcuffs ( 03-10-07)

When  I was a young teenager I  attended the state fair of Texas with my school.  While at the fair I often bought or won a pair of what we called "Chinese handcuffs".  Because of political correctness they are probably not called that today, if they even exist.  They were made out of a type of bamboo and you were to put one finger in each end. After doing so, it was virtually impossible to get loose.  I remember vigorously pulling, but to no avail.  What is so moronic is that I knew what would happen prior to inserting my fingers, but I was a kid and it was fun, I did it anyway.

I  am afraid that this is what the United States is involved in with our war with Iraq. We are in a pair of Chinese handcuffs.  Although many of our Americans are not much more than kids themselves, it's certainly not fun. We should have never put our first finger in, but in doing so, we are caught;  I see no way out.

To cut and run is ludicrous and deadly, but to stay and see the war escalate  is also ludicrous and deadly. Only an act of God will save us. But He might very well use this war to bring about His final battle that is sure to come.

This may take years. We as a nation must return to the LORD that established this nation for He can also bring us down. Yes we can exult ourselves as eagles but the LORD can bring us down.