Climate Change  (03-12-07)

Climate change is real no matter who is saying it.  I find little that I agree with Al Gore on, but on global warming, he is correct, at least in part.  While man contributes greatly by fossil fuels and carbon dioxide, the sun is also a major contributor.  Man plus the sun and other sources will continue to produce climate change and we conservatives need to understand that this is not a liberal agenda,  but one of moral concern for this  God-created planet. All I hear from the conservatives are jokes, and admittedly  they are quite funny, but  they are just as destructive. I oppose Gore on most every issue, and he is no poster child for the environment,  but on this issue he carries some ideas that we need to listen to. We all should  treat earth with kindness, respect,  and be good stewards of it, not because she is our mother -  I have never used that term and never will, but because God created this earth and we should treat it as such.

I am well aware of the left-wing political agenda and how they use environmental issues to help felicitate their covert causes, such as more big draconian government. This is wrong. At the same time climate change does exist. It exists from man but also from the sun and other so-called natural reasons.

We can expect more horrific, ungovernable, and volatile weather patterns; yes indeed the seas will be raging.