DO I SEE A DORSAL FIN? (02-27-06)  My Comments on the Pending Sale to the UAE. 

Is it a knee-jerk reaction in terms to the Muslim world? By not going through with this sale will it give the United States a black-eye in the "global community"?  I am talking about the business deal that will turn over the operation of six Ports located in New York, Newark-Port Elizabeth, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Actually, how we are perceived by Muslims, the global community, or any one, is not as important as doing the right thing and this pending sale is the wrong thing!

It was just days ago that the government in Australia warned her citizens about possibility of terrorist attacks. "We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the United Arab Emirates because of the high threat of terrorist attack. We continue to receive reports that terrorists are planning attacks against Western interests in the United Arab Emirates. Commercial and public areas frequented by foreigners are possible terrorist targets."

While the Australian government is warning her citizens to be cautious in visiting the UAE, the Bush administration approves the sale of six of our ports to the UAE. What is the concern? The answer is simple and deadly. Millions of cargo containers make their way into our ports each year with many large enough to contain various nuclear devices that could destroy the largest cities in America. Many, including this writer, believe our seaports may be the Achilles heel and with this pending sale we may have already dug our own catacomb.

I am thankful for the 45 day waiting period that will put the sale on hold, and  I pray Mr. Bush will right his wrong, but he has threatened to get his one time veto pen out  if there is an attempted block of this sale. This 45 day waiting period is supposed to give the opposition time to re-think their opinions and I must admit that I had debated this issue with myself and had given it considerable thought, but when I heard that Jimmy Carter had whole-heartedly endorsed it,  then that was the peanut that not only tipped the scale but broke it.

I believe Mr. Bush has made two catastrophic blunders. One is the border issue, and other is this pending sale to the UAE. What would the United States citizens have done in 1941 if the U.S. had handed clean-up and repair of Pearl Harbor over to the Japanese? Although the United States has already sold much of her sovereignty to foreign not so friendly countries, this sale will not only add insult to injury, but could drive nails in our coffins.

I believe this sale may have something to do with a sick and perverted infatuation with political correctness. Similarly to some California schools which have adopted role playing where by students pretend they are Muslims and act out certain roles to demonstrate their acceptance of all religions.   Perhaps Mr. Bush wants to prove he's a man of love and acceptance by endorsing the lunacy of this pending sale. Is Mr. Bush showing his true colors?  Perhaps so. Well, let me show my true colors. We have long since said: One is innocent until proven guilty, but in this case may I suggest one is guilty until proven innocent.

Has Mr. Bush simply taken leave of his senses?  Maybe.  Could he be developing Stockholm syndrome? Stockholm syndrome is the psychological response where often in a hostage situation; the hostage although in great danger will develop great loyalty to the captor.  Is Bush under such stress that he has gone full circle and has become confused?

My final question and perhaps the most important: Do I see a Dorsal Fin?  I am asking: Is Mr. Bush developing Dorsal Fins?  Let me explain. For years I have written that Mr. Bush is swimming with sharks. I said he will either become a shark himself or be devoured by them. That is why I ask the question: Do I see a Dorsal Fin? Admittedly, I didn't leave Mr. Bush a way out when I said he would either become a shark himself or be devoured by them, so allow me to do that now.   

Mr. Bush pray for discernment - pray that you will see all things clearly and be victorious over your enemies. The metamorphosis doesn't have to take place. Get back on your bike and ride, ride, ride. Ride to the truth and far, far away from oceans.

Note: I have supported many of President Bush's issues but on this issue, I can not only not support it but vehemently denounce it!