Don't Murder Terri (03-07-05)

We have no regard for  human life, and if men like Michael Schiavo have their way in starving Terri to death, it will only be the beginning of such madness. I personally think Michael had a lot to do with Terriís current condition and he wants to make sure she doesnít learn how to speak again, but thatís only my opinion.

This man has already fathered children with the lady he currently lives with, openly proving his unfaithfulness to Terri as a husband.  Why, I ask is he so unrelenting in starving Terri Schiavo to death?  I maintain he has much to hide.  If he doesn't why not allow Terri's parents to have custody?

Terri's life cannot be snuffed out like one would starve a rat. There have been several people who have gone to jail for unattended live stock i.e. letting them starve, but we are going to starve a human to death,  who  from all reports is a lucid and vibrant individual, pulsating with vigor and energy.  However, even if she wasn't a vibrant, lucid  person, she is  just that, a person! I pray we don't murder Terri!

If a judge allows Michael to have his death wish for Terri, then the madness will not stop, but escalate.  God help us, God forgive us!!!