Egypt, Egypt, Who are you? What is happening to you? How did this happen?  Where are you going? (02-07-11)

I was a poor student throughout most of my academic life, especially in English; nevertheless I somehow managed to learn that any writer, especially a journalist, understood that the concepts known as the five W's and one H are regarded as the fundamentals in information-gathering. Who is it about? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why did it take place? How did it happen? As a journeyman writer I know that the formula for obtaining the full story on something is to adopt each of these six concepts, (the five W's and one H)  for an article to be complete. While my endeavors  fall short, not only in that I didn't address every single concept but also because I didn't apply them as they are supposed to be, but I tried ! But more importantly, are my conclusions correct! There are a vast array of  individuals with diverse opinions, from peerless political pundits, down  to the banal, the common folk,  like me, who are trying to assimilate and correctly interpret the imbroglio in Egypt. Thus from my rudimentary investigation  I offer the following  comments. Like I previously stated -  I tried.

Who are the Egyptian people and what is Egypt all about?  Egypt is one of the most frequently mentioned nations in the Bible. The name Egypt is mentioned 613 times the Bible, and that is a most interesting number for there are 613 laws in the Old Testament.  Egypt's  prominence throughout the Holy Scriptures  is unmistakable! From the time in Genesis 12 when Abram went down to Egypt in a famine, to when in the second chapter of Matthew's Gospel, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to take Yeshua and his mother and flee to Egypt. Egypt is full of meaning and symbolism, and while the symbolism changes in Holy scriptures, God using Egypt is undeniable! God has used  Egypt as a place of safety and a place of chastisement toward the Nation of Israel. God used Egypt to save and preserve the Children of Israel when Jacob left for Egypt to find safety from a devastating famine and to a place of slavery and the intended murder of the newly born males through the mid-wives.

Before the Arabs conquered Egypt in 642 most Egyptians had been Christian, but after the Arab invasion  the Arab settlers "introduced" the Islamic religion to the Egyptians  and today 90 percent are Muslim. The Egyptians are active in many ways - one way is in child-making. Approximately 1.2 million Egyptian babies are born every year.  Egypt usually is associated with great power and great wealth, as when God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt, out of the hands of  a wicked Pharaoh, and out from under the whip of sadistic taskmasters.  Today most  of the upheaval is reported to be over great power and great wealth. Much of that  great power and great wealth  belongs  to Egypt's current President, Hosni Mubarak.  It is known among many that the wealth of  Mubarak was achieved by an large  from his days in the  military when he was an air force officer and through lucrative  and  strategic contracts.  After he became president in 1981 he diversified his investments through his family. Some have estimated his family's net worth at over $70 billion. Amaney Jamal, a political science professor at Princeton, said, "There was a lot of corruption in this regime and stifling of public resources for personal gain."

According to the mainstream press, including Fox News, the unrest in the streets is purely a civil rights movement. It's the  underclass, and especially those calling for democracy.  The main culprit in all this is Egypt's about to be ousted president Hosni Mubarak. 

President Mubarak is a type of monster and a rich one at that, but  just how big of a monster is he? Could  a bigger and more dangerous  monster be lumbering up the horizon? Which is better, a government ruled by plutocracy or a tyrannical one with the guillotines as its enforcer? I submit to you that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fences in Egypt but it's toxic.

So what is happening? It's more than meets the eye; at least the eye of the cameras of the major news media.  While the question is simple the answer is somewhat complex. Complex as it may be, those with good visual acuity are not looking at this the same  way the liberal news media is with their myopic vision and their impetuous behavior. I am surprised that the liberal media did not try to blame Sarah Palin for Egypt's so-called uprising.  Let me be emphatically clear: The "uprising" in Egypt is not an uprising, but a revolution! It is not a group of pro-democracy protesters, but a deadly and destructive revolution to overthrow Egypt. The real "powers that be" in all this is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Taking the "who" concept, let's  look at our own leaders calling for his exodus. In the front of the line,  is the head henchman,  Barack Hussein Obama.  Lining up staunchly behind him is the "chameleon man" Obama's protégé, his little myrmidon, John McCain.  If I knew nothing else except who are some of the ones calling for his forced retirement, I would need to look at Mubarak and this entire situation of Egypt with a strong pair of bifocals.

What is really going on in Egypt? Who actually is behind all the unrest? Be assured it is far reaching and what you are viewing and listening to on television from the  main-stream media is misleading.

Let me introduce you to some key players who are responsible for much of the unrest in Cairo. They are the Muslim-Brotherhood.  These thugs are intoxicated with evil, violence, and  are bloodthirsty for the deaths of Jews, Christians, and anyone that is non-Muslim. Remember there are Islamics and Islamists. The "Brothers" are without a doubt the latter! They are leaders of the pack and  have inspired more jihadists than any other militant group. Their Palestinian branch is the Islamic Resistance Movement, better known  by the name Hamas which is a terrorist organization committed to the violent destruction of the Nation of Israel. They are definitely Islamists!  Lately, the brothers in the Brotherhood have enthusiastically praised the evils of jihad and even applauded their hero Osama Bin Laden. While the applause may have been muted to a degree they were applauding just the same.

Under a different name (Hamas), the Muslim Brotherhood runs the Gaza Strip.  Hamas's charter states unequivocally that it wants to eradicate Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is a vehement and demonic group that if not silenced will silence us. They will  not only try to silence the United States, but the Nation of Israel.  While in my opinion the Brotherhood does not always openly call for the death of Israel and the United States with blaring, strident, and ear-piercing voices, their message is certain and their determination unwavering!  Yet we have a president who I believe caters to them and applauds their action.  We, in my opinion, have a president who hates America, hates Israel, and is hell-bent on the destruction of both nations.  We have a president that wants to take what Jimmy Carter did with Iran but do it a hundred times over with Egypt.  What is happening in Egypt is damnable!!  What is happening in the White House is just as damnable, it's only more clandestine.

"World Net Daily" reported that an Egyptian intelligence official told them that  his government has information of a meeting that took place yesterday between Issam El-Erian, a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Frank Wisner, a former U.S. ambassador to Egypt. The Obama administration dispatched Wisner to Egypt this past weekend to report to the State Department and White House a general sense of the situation in the embattled country.
The Egyptian intelligence official speaking to WND said the meeting took place inside the American embassy in Cairo. The U.S. State Department would neither confirm nor deny the report. The senior Egyptian diplomat told WND the Mubarak regime suspects the U.S. has been aiding protest planning by Mohamed ElBaradei, who is seen as one of the main opposition leaders in Cairo.

There are a lot of political monsters in the world today, perhaps more than in any era in history.  These political monsters come in all sizes, personalities, and having their own agendas. Some are just not that big, except in their own eyes, while others are humongous. Some are corrupt, and scandalous, while others are draconian, dangerous and deadly.  I know of two such monsters and I have written about them both in this article.  One is Mubarak and the other is Barack.  One is on his way out from the world and political power, while the other is growing in power and is carrying out his damnable agenda!  One will be a bad memory, the other a nightmare.  One is a little scandalous monster with an insatiable appetitive for more and more, especially at the expense of others, while  the other is a Cyclops who is hell bent on dictatorship!  This Cyclops is determined to destroy the Nation of Israel as well as the country he lives in.  One is a small giant from Egypt, while the other is a Cyclops from whatever country he claims to be from.  The little monster is saddened by all that is happening, while the Cyclops is giving it a standing ovation! Perhaps we could more accurately state it this way: Mubarak is a mobster and Barack is the real monster. They both are without a doubt "powersters" but perhaps  it's the one in the White House that we should really fear! On second thought Mubarak may not be a monster at all, just a very greedy guy, but a greedy guy who has  represented a semblance of peace in a turbulent Middle East. Mubarak will probably soon be gone, but I question how long he will  be gone before  a good number of Egyptians  are sending out search parties to find him and beg him to return.

I submit that the current "uprising" in Egypt is not an "uprising" but rather a revolution.  It is not a rebellious crowd of do-gooders in search of democracy, but the violent  and vehement insurgence, fueled and galvanized  by the  nefarious Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood's desires are not only to overthrow Egypt, but also to bring about the death of Israel and the United States. A Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would not only strengthen Hamas in Gaza, but create another Iran! While many Egyptians will not want this they should prepare for war against Israel.  But will they be alone? Absolutely not!  Not in a long shot! " But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then recognize her desolation is near. Luke 21:20  But this is not set in concrete. Egypt is not mentioned in Psalm 83 as being among a coalition of Arab powers that will attempt to destroy Israel during the end times.  Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria are mentioned, along with the Palestinians, but not Egypt. Where is she? I do not know. Is she silently supporting the coalition or does Psalms 83 even apply? I believe it’s  more feasible  that Egypt will participate in the Gog and Magog war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

This revolution that is playing out in Egypt will shake and shape the Middle East and change it for the worse. Many are espousing that Obama is simply naive. That is a naive statement! Obama was raised by two Muslim dads. Obama is Muslim  or joined at the hip to Islam, and his agenda is the dismantling of America and the destruction of Israel. I admit  that democracy does not work in every country. Democracy in some cases can be analogous  to mob rule, and mob rule is what you will  have if Egypt falls into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and anyone they influence! Democracy will not work in Egypt. When Mubarak is driven out a type of safety will leave with him. While free elections are nonexistent under Mubarak,  under the "Brothers" many Egyptians will become nonexistent, especially the Egyptian Christians and Christians  in general.  Mubarak is without a doubt an intractable leader, but he still  may get  out of Egypt, how soon  he gets out  is up for debate.  My hope, more than Mubarak getting out of Egypt,  is that the United States will get out of Egypt and get out soon!  But that also is up for debate.  The naive Egyptians and naive Americans should have been more careful when they demanded his expulsion, because it appears they will get what they demanded and that may well mean death to us all!  The "Brothers" will be in control and they will not be spreading brotherly love!

We can expect more violence in Egypt and especially in Cairo.  It may get deadly, very deadly before it's over. When  this revolution settles in the ashes of its aftermath and as we look through the smoke we can see what we had rather not view. We can see the "Brothers" in controlled. We can see Islamic fundamentalist groups around the world carrying on with their intensifying jihad to lay waste  pro-Western governments, with the ultimate goal being the destruction of Israel and the takeover of European countries and the United States. 


Americans be aware!!! With that in mind, Western government officials need to tread very carefully as they try to bring change to Egypt and the wider Middle East. For those in our leadership, who are not part of the Obama coalition nor his regime I urge you to pray for insight! You also need to tread very carefully as the Islamic fundamentalists bring change to Egypt and the wider Middle East. Only the wise and prudent heads will prevail. The more we get involved the greater our destruction!


The most strategic thing anyone can do is to pray! Whether they are leaders, or those leading the leaders, or just the common folk, like me, prayer is crucial.  We especially need to pray for the Arab and Iranian Christian minorities who are caught in the middle of all this! Several have already been murdered in recent days. The population of Christians is around 10 percent in Egypt. These brothers and sisters are living and dying everyday. These are the ones who are Egypt's hope! These are the ones we often forget and we must continue to pray the fervent prayer of a righteous man for these righteous individuals living under the gun. Please, I urge you in the name of Yeshua, pray for these and other believers throughout the world who are being persecuted for their faith!! 


The revolution in Egypt is too momentous and far-reaching  to be summarized in this article. I will write other articles about Egypt and all that is happening in the Middle East.