Enter His Rest: (1-18-06)

I believe much awaits us. For almost a year my spirit has been at an un-rested state and not until lately, I mean really lately, have I begun to hear again. I am learning some new things from the Lord but mostly re-learning some forgotten factors. I have posted articles on my website and in my newsletters, about terrorist attacks  not being over, but only beginning. There are at least four great dangers that are imminent, and they are:

1. Terrorist attacks/War

2. Disease

3. Economic disaster

4. Horrific Weather

"Things they are a changing" and for the worse. The terrorist attacks are sure to come, disease will come as well,  perhaps from biological warfare, perhaps not. The violent weather will continue and economic disaster is certain. I have written before and I write now that an EMP attack is quite feasible.

We must be prepared, and unless we are in Him, unless we and in the Ark of Yeshua, unless we are in His rest, then we are doomed! Enter now into the only place of safety and that is in Yeshua. Repent of any sin now and enter by the Blood of the Lamb.