Excited about the Future (11-05-08)

I kept my tradition alive last night by keeping up with the election returns. This time I got to bed a lot earlier.  It came out as I expected and believe me I have an enormous amount to say about this election and this president elect.  Let me sum it up in seven words: We get who and what we deserve. Why am I excited? Because I really believe Barack Obama will used by God to bring judgment to our country. The wicked king of Babylon is here and we  must make a decision if we are going  to get serious about the LORD or be content with the same old tired worn out religion. Our world is changing and so is our ministry. I pledge to you before our great and mighty God that I will write to the best of my ability as the LORD directs me. I will hold nothing back!!! Those of you who decided to stay on the mailing list you will see that. I am in this for the long haul and I have just begun. I ask for your prayers as we enter into some very dark but very exciting days.