Friday September 16th (09-09-05)

Friday September 16, 2005 has been proclaimed by President Bush as a day of prayer and remembrance for our country and especially for the ones devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I will by all means join him and millions of others in prayer for our country and those affected by Katrina.

I find it a little bizarre and disheartening that many Christians bash Bush claming he is not a Christian and in fact say he is almost the anti-messiah himself, while others demonize him for his Christian faith. Just a day ago I listened to a talk show by a man who is head of the American atheist party  who was deeply angered by President Bush's proclaiming  prayer on September the 16th. I prayed for him while he was berating Bush.

I urge all of us to not only pray that day but pray in general for this country and also pray that we as a nation will repent for our blatant rebellion.