Giant Steps (03-22-10)

We have already witness steps but now they are giant steps to government tyranny and the total collapse of our nation as we know it, if  Obama and his agenda isn’t stopped! More is involved in the Obama agenda than "Obama-care". As evil as Obama-care is, it’s only part of the sordid plan. If the Obama machination is not dismantled and dismantled soon we as a nation will be dismantled.    

We are witnessing a ruthless leader and his draconian administration strategically plotting how to invade deeper into our lives and rip more of our freedoms away. We are going to witness a total implosion, but not before a type of civil war erupts – I pray it is not violent. People are mad and mad people do mad things. Soon Obama's true colors will be revealed and more anger will rise to the top and at the same time more division will occur. This nation will be divided as though an earthquake has split it down the middle and that illustration may be more literal than we like to think.

The Bible speaks of civil unrest and I dare to think how it may play out. Of course it’s possible that this draconian leader and his demented band could strike up a tranquilizing somnolent tune that would put the masses into a deep sleep again – time will tell. 

I am not even convinced Obama will leave office anytime soon. When a would be dictator has a taste of power perhaps nothing will quench his insatiable appetite.  Obama is indeed a “powerster” personified – The word “powerster” is a combination of the words power and monster.

Be assured of this, when government grows and grows, God becomes smaller and smaller. The bigger the government the smaller the God and when big government becomes god, then there id no God and government is autonomous.