Itís Crunch Time (02-02-10)

I am not sure what avenue or direction I am taking with this ministry; I am not sure what to do next. We are living in some very challenging times and we are only on the onset of what awaits us. Satan is not withholding anything in his arsenal; he knows his time is short.

I believe there is a parallel with the natural and the physical. By physical I would include the political system, economics, mores, and the religious arena. By natural I would include horrific weather changes, i.e., earthquakes, hurricanes, solar storms, etc. God will use the natural to mirror what is happening in the physical. I doubt my intelligence or where I am spiritually has equipped me to adequately depict it on paper.   Many Americans including many who claim to be Christians are deaf and blind to what is going on around them; they are content to go around in a daze singing the ABC song as if nothing is happening.   

I must make some decisions and make them soon. I too may be as blind and deaf as the worst with this dual sensory deficit.

At best I only see and hear in part. In fact the part I see is limited by all kinds of things which interfere. Yet, like many of you I have my part, as minute as it may be it's still the part I believe God has called me to have. But as I grow older I realize more and more how vulnerable I am; I am vulnerable to all kinds of things, including dying. But at the same time I have a desire to live more now than ever. I want to make an impact on whom I can make an impact on Ė my grandchildren for one. I want to share with them some of the pit falls that await them and how they can be victorious over them. My dad did not know how to share with me the strategic moves that satan will use to destroy us.  As good a man as he was we did not have the depth that I needed.   I have fallen victim to many of satanís  battle plans, not because my dad and I didnít have the meaningful discussions,  but mainly because I too was deaf and blind to what was gong on in my circle.

Time will tell where this ministry goes and that time will be short in duration. If it continues in the vane in which it has gone the past few years there will be no ministry and I will join the ranks of the nine to five crowd. Perhaps I will have some positive affect on a few around me but only a few and that would be conditional on how close I am walking with God.  Well,  itís crunch time for this ministry!  I ask anyone who may actually be visiting this website to pray that I will have the discernment to know the will of God. If His will is to shut this ministry down I will do so without hesitation but if it is to continue I will do it with everything I have. By the way if I join the nine to five crowd and there is nothing left for me to do per se then I have already died.

This author still does not capitalizeĒ satan ď.