Just Too Many Bullets  (03-07 -11)

The parallels  between King Kong and the United States are so sticking they are almost eerie. I recall at the age of eight or nine sitting spellbound in front of a little eighteen inch Admiral television set, watching the original 1933 movie, King Kong. This movie had already become a classic back then, as I was watching it on the Saturday afternoon matinee. I remember fighting back tears when this mammoth beast with benevolent anthropoid-like tendencies, tumbled to the ground from the top of the Empire State Building. King Kong who ruled the jungle was subdued by the jungles of New York City, and tumbled 102 stories to his death.

The movie  begins when a crew from New York arrived at the mysterious Skull Island, somewhere in the Indian Ocean to do some location shooting for a new picture.  A beautiful actress by the name of Ann was accompanied the all male crew. The natives took a liking to the lovely actress and kidnapped her as an offering to their god, Kong. Kong demonstrates human romantic type tendencies toward the lovely lady but is later captured by the crew on the beach by using sleeping gas and taken to New York.

To truncate a movie review, I want to go to the scene near the end of the movie.  A live show opens in New York City's Radio City Music Hall, with a chained Kong as the main attraction. He is proclaimed as "The Eighth Wonder of the World." However just as the show opens, the man in charge granted the reporters a closer look at Kong who was chained between two pillars. When all the flash bulbs went off from the reporters' cameras, Kong apparently thought his object of affection, Ann,  was in trouble and breaks free in an attempt to rescue her. Kong wreaks havoc in the city in an attempt to find the blond beauty who has escaped into an high rise hotel room. He scales the high rise and finally locates her and reaches into a top storeroom and grabs her. He then climbs to the top of the Empire State Building.

Kong fights a duel to the death with a squadron of bullet shooting airplanes. These bullet-shooting biplanes were too much of a match for the mammoth ape.

Apparently the Empire State Building, reminding Kong of his place of safety back on Skull Island, made him think that he was climbing to escape to a place of security. However he was climbing to his death. He was climbing up a wrong building. He had focused on a wrong thing and was climbing up a false place of safety. Kong made two very grievous mistakes. First he focused on the wrong thing. In his case it was the beautiful Ann. Secondly, he climbed up a wrong building, in his case the Empire State Building.

The mighty King Kong who ruled the jungle on Skull Island was subdued by the jungles of New York City. I remember as Kong climbed up the Empire State Building  with his beloved in his hands, he gently placed her on  a ledge, as the planes began to encircle him, firing bullets. He  took one bullet to the neck. I remember he put his hand on his neck and looked at the blood on his hand; he looked at the biplanes and again at his own blood. He seemed not only hurt, but confused.  

We in America are hurt and confused. We have been wounded and  we just don't seem to know what to do. We have focused on wrong things and while we think we are safe, we are not! Too long we have being homesteading on an  epicenter. We  have been hit by many bullets and we are falling through the air, just waiting to hit the ground. We definitely are in free fall.

Kong looked around, he looked at the planes, and then at the scenes below.  He took a few more bullets to the neck area and made a couple of desperate swipes at the biplanes before plunging to his death. Although he did manage to get one biplane he couldn't take any more bullets, there were just too many and he fell 102 stories to his death.

There are many planes encircling the United States and firing bullets. One enemy fighting pilot is Barack Obama. He may be the number one enemy of the Unites States of America. He is firing many bullets and his aim is sure, swift, and deadly! I personally think he has done several impeachable things, but I do not believe that will be impeached.  The one slim chance is that he will be proven not to be a natural born citizen of the United States, but I also doubt that will occur. This want a be dictator will become  just that - a dictator! He has had one main goal and he spoke that goal with his sedulous golden throated voice countless times during his liberal press run campaign. "It's time for a change." Things are changing and those changes are bringing death to our nation!

Barack Hussein Obama is deliberately dividing this country into several parts. There is an uncanny unrest developing and many can feel it and almost taste it. There is fear mixed with anger and this will help foster the civil war that is likely  to come to the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is in his own biplane and he is shooting  bullet after bullet into the United States. I must point out that Barack Hussein Obama had two Muslim daddies, he was raised as a Muslim for the first several years and I believe he is a Muslim!! I believe one day he will admit he is Muslim!

Obama is not alone in the air!  Look! There are hundreds of others along with many agendas shooting at  the same time at our once great nation. With limited space I will not mention  many of these little fighter pilots, but their aim is also swift, sure, and just as deadly as Barack Hussein Obama's -  but I will mention a few.  One  is Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, who may be more evil that Obama. People need to speak out loud and clear against this Jew hating, white hating, America hating, Christian hating servant of satan man.

Jesse Lee Peterson is one of about twenty people I pay very close attention to.  He wrote a short article regarding Louis Farrakhan.  Below is verbatim from his email that he sends out to thousands entitled "BOND Action"

LOS ANGELES—Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action, is calling on the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to keep a close eye on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after his “Saviour’s Day 2011” speech predicting America’s doom. Farrakhan warned, “What you’re looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt…Libya, in Bahrain…what you see happening there…you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door, America.”
Rev. Peterson said, “Louis Farrakhan is a domestic enemy of the United States of America and should be placed at the top of the FBI watch list.” He added, “Farrakhan and his group have been financed by Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi. Farrakhan is a serious anti-Semite and a black racist supported by thousands of angry blacks—many of whom are violent felons. His influence and following goes beyond the Nation of Islam and his wish of doom upon this nation needs to be taken seriously by law enforcement.”
In 1995 Farrakhan put together the “Million Man March” and gained national prominence.  Farrakhan has made multiple trips to Libya. On one of those trips he was accompanied by his close friend and associate Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. (President Barack Obama’s former pastor). The pair traveled to Tripoli in 1984 to visit Gadhafi. The following year Farrakhan received a $5 million interest-free loan from the Libyan dictator. Later that year, Gadhafi spoke by satellite to Farrakhan’s Saviour’s Day Convention and reportedly told Farrakhan supporters he was prepared to provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy “white America.”
Rev. Peterson said, “Farrakhan is aligned with radical Muslims and he and his followers pose a serious homegrown threat.” He stated, “There’s a ‘Million Muslim March’ planned on July 4th in Washington D.C. and law enforcement needs to watch and hold Farrakhan accountable for any violence incited by his anti-American rhetoric.”

I hope you will check out Peterson's website - Just type in word  "BOND"  It will be well worth your time! By the way if anyone does not know Jesse Lee Paterson is one hundred percent black unlike our president who is only half black.

In my opinion Farrakhan is a cheap racist who is leading gullible black men, and black men who are already filled with hate to hate even more. They will help doom this nation and  bring to doom their own souls by getting swallowed up by a dangerous and false religion called Islam. Farrakhan would like to see civil war come to America and he will do all he can with his demented brain to bring it about!

I was a strong supporter of the early civil rights movement in the 60's. Some of my so-called white friends called me "nigger lover". Today's young blacks haven't a clue as to what discrimination is about. I can still remember at least one colored and white water fountain. As a young child I knew this was wrong. But today we have that same spirit of hate, damaging the souls and spirits of young blacks and that spirit of hate is non-discriminatory. That spirit has destroyed the souls and spirits of whites for years and it will continue to destroy anyone from any race!

There are others in planes shooting bullets. Men like George Soros, Michael  Moore, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Joseph Stiglitz, and Jeremiah Wright,  are just a few trying to destroy America. I have come to believe that a radical liberal is indeed evil and I consider them my enemy. Saying that, I am instructed to pray for my enemy and I will.

If you look you can see him atop of the huge high rise. King Kong is tumbling to the ground. There were just too many bullets. If you also look and you don't even have to squint -  the United States is also tumbling to the ground.  Just too many bullets.

What should we do? Elect a real conservative? No, it will take more than that. The ballot box will prove ineffective. Without a moral resurgence, it is over! The resurgence must start with our Churches!  Leonard Ravenhill said, "I often am asked to pray for the healing of the nation, No! I am praying for the healing of the Church. Then the healing of America, Britain and other nations will follow. As the Church goes, so goes the world.

The Church has lost its direction, she has lost their moral compass. Our Churches in many cases are as perverted  as they once preached against many years ago. We have lost our compass and that has caused us to lose key words from our vocabulary, like the word obedience. We have lost it both from the preaching it from the pulpits and from our daily walk.

Andrew Murray said in his book "The Blessings Of Obedience"  "If we yield ourselves to the searching of God’s Spirit, we may find that we never gave obedience its proper proportion in our scheme of life and that this lack is the cause of all our failure in prayer and in work.  We may see that the deeper blessings of God’s grace, and the full enjoyment of God’s love and nearness, have been beyond our reach simply because we never made obedience what God meant it to be.  It is the starting point and the goal of our Christian life."

I think we have crossed over the Rubicon and have shut the door on true revival and instead opened the door widely to His divine judgment! I pray we will follow the advice of Ravenhill and Murray but we will most likely follow the golden throated voice of Obama - "Yes we can". Yes we can destroy America.

Will civil war come to this country? It is more likely than many think. It will come if  Farrakhan and Obama have their way along with a few thousands others. It could and will happen here! There are just too many planes, firing too many bullets. We just can't take it anymore! Something will have to give! It will climax in a civil war!

The memorable  line from the movie,  “It wasn’t the planes that killed him, it was beauty that killed the beast” is not only a memorable one, but in part applies to  the United States. We have focused on the beauty of sin and we have focused on it far too long. It is  sin that will cause our demise, it is sin that will be cause of our death!  We are now reaping the wages of sin and that is death!

Our coup de grace will be our own  jaded arrogance, embracing our own sins, leading to a free fall and a violent crashing to the ground.

King Kong has fallen to the ground and all the kings horses and all the kings men will never put Kong together again.

This author does not capitalize "satan"