Killings, Murders, and Compromises (11-15-07)

All killing is not murder but all murder is killing. However, some maintain that they are synonymous.  During an intense discussion with a friend over guns and similar matters;  I asked,  how far someone should go in protecting their family? What should one do, I inquired, if upon coming home one finds an intruder had broken in and was  trying to kill his family? This intruder  had a gun and it was clear he was going to rape the wife and was pointing a  gun at other family members. He maintained the position that one should pray for the intruder so that he would stop his attack.  I said,  I would also pray, but I would pray  that my aim would be swift and sure. If one kills to protect his family or even himself, I do not deem it as murder.  Because of   the great misunderstanding of  the 6th commandment  many have adopted a total passive view no matter the circumstance.

I can see how some murders though evil and wrong, may occur.  For  example: Two men  who are life-long friends  car-pool  each day to work, but on Friday's instead of going to their respective homes they go to the local bar, where it's  their habit to experience various  levels of intoxication. One Friday they had each experience a particularly challenging week, i.e. mounting problems at home, erasable "know it all bosses" , past due bills,  resulting in  pending  implosions.   So both were ready to quench the potential  fires of anger with all the  beer they could drink.  And they did just that.   They continued to drink, and drink, and joke and joke and as they continued to joke and drink, the intoxication levels   continued to increase.   But  the jokes turned  to insults and insults turned to shoves and the shoves turned to punches and a fight broke out.  One threw  an  upper cut  and the other went down hitting his head on the corner of the bar. One is killed and  the other is a murderer. But is he a murderer? Yes!  In the true since of the word he is,  but he will still be grieving over killing his friend long  after his stay in prison is ended.   As wrong as that is, I can understand how that kind of crime takes place. The one who has  murdered will really lament  over his deadly deed,  but the other is really dead.

Yet, some murders are blatant "in your face murders" , but are murders that  are legal, condoned, and even praised. Do you remember  the atrocious murder of Terri Schivao,   that received  national attention, including several articles from this would-be  writer. I should refer to her as Terri Schindler, her maiden name, and give that poor excuse of a man Michael "The Butcher"  Schivao no attention.    But the murder of Terri was   a clear and blatant example of a  murder - not one of instant rage, like the friends at the bar,  but a barbaric, pre-meditated, cold, calculated  one. It was a grueling - 14-day  starvation murder of an innocent woman.  Her only crime was  being married to The Butcher".  That cruel and heinous  ordeal  was beyond my comprehension! However, Terri's, murder is  mirrored in something happening every day in the  "not so great" country of ours.  Thousands die each year of this type of murder and we just look the other way.

Other murders that I not only find impossible to  comprehend but unforgivable,  is the murder of young children  and the elderly.  After I  have listened   to the confession of  an evil animal who murdered a nine-year old girl,  or has bludgeoned to death a 85 year old lady,  I find my thoughts are  about as  evil toward  him and his heinous acts were  toward his victim. Why can't he have the same privilege  of dying in the exact same manner as his victims died. No worse -  just the same. Wait, I know I am on  the far, far right of "political incorrectness" and I am not even on the  threshold of anything Christian, but these are my feelings, as wrong as they may be. They are my feelings; I not saying I would try to get legislation to carry them out.

 Yet we continue to murder babies every day, some just minutes from being born.  We will soon be murdering children already born, but unworthy of life according to some if our country continues to travel down this evil path. Our court rulings regarding the unborn  since Roe Vs Wade have changed the road map of this country,  for it was then we began to really lose our compass and it was then we began to be more blatant in changing  truth into a lie.

We must fight for the unborn, unlike Evangelist Pat Robertson who was willing to desert ship and climb on board of the pro-choice vessel driven by, " America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani, who is the only major pro- abortion  candidate running for President in the Republican Party.   When a politician compromises enough they become a "political prostitute" and enough years on the street they will sell out for anything. Too bad Evangelist Robertson who was once the LORD'S Evangelist, is now the Evangelist for the GOP and by his new title and switching ships,  will possibly help murder millions of the unborn.    

Today,  our court rulings are changing the sanctity of marriage and they are legally  murdering innocent people. Evil judges and attorneys are changing the culture of this country.  Young men and women after being indoctrinated by the  politically correct school system, are finished off in law school.  However,  I think some  good men and women  go to law school, wanting to right wrong, but their moral growth is stunted and ultimately reversed, and instead of becoming the moral person they  desired to  be, they become  the complete  antithesis  of that. 

Murders, all kind of murders have been  crashing into my mind like some kind of mental demolition Derby.  I have lost sleep thinking about these unconscionable murders of  the innocent. It's the helpless that we we should protect but  it is those we  want  to murder the most and we either rationalize or even revere those who actually carry out these   murders. Those evil judges,  who commit the so-called legal murders must be stopped by impeachment and then  prosecuted, for they are just as guilty as one who murders with a gun or knife, but they  have been vindicated by the immoral laws they so readily  embrace.  We kick out  moral judges like Roy Moore, we spoil the nomination of   Supreme Court  judges like  Robert Bork, but promote wicked judges, too numerous to mention.   Evil  judges must be silenced or we ourselves will be silenced. I think many  who have eviscerated moral law as well as the constitution by  substituting their own immoral and noxious interpretations should be impeached.

We must get our definitions correct! All murder is killing,  but all killing is not murder.   Evil court  decisions whether  it's  starving someone to death, or other such heinous  acts  are  not only murder but barbaric and that court order should be  disobeyed. Might does not make right and to follow the pied piper down the road of court ordered debauchery is just as evil as the court order itself !

There  is a long line  of those following the pied piper in  this culture's  death march and that line is growing in length and at an  accelerating speed. We in this country are losing not only the sanctity of life  but also the sanctity  of marriage. By the way, Robertson's man Giuliani is for "same sex unions".

We are indeed changing  truth into a lie.  We set murderers free when many should be executed, and at the same time we murder the innocent - when their only crime was trying to be born.   We are heading the wrong direction and if we do not make a sharp turn around immediately we are not only going to join the Netherlands,  but surpass them.

Be warned: When we take the attitude to obey any law at any cost,  we become morally bankrupt.  Murder is always wrong,  yet killing sometimes is justified.  We all must hold  dear to the sanctity of life or we as a country have constructed our own gallows.