Let's Do It - Let's Murder Terri (03-16-05)

Let's go ahead and murder her after all she is disabled. Come on man-she can't even feed herself. So what if she has feelings.  Who cares!!  Who cares if she can recognize people, smile, cry, show a whole array of emotions, and yes perhaps even pray.  Let's murder her anyway. Just think,  this will free Michael up to do a lot more things, like  jumping into bed  more frequently  with his girlfriend so they can continue their procreations. The murder of Terri will also allow Michael's "benevolent"  mind to relax, knowing Teri will never be able to tell the real story of how she became locked inside her body.  I have really been worried about  Michael, you know having to be up so early so he can be on "Good Morning America", propagating  his rhetoric on what a good guy he is.

Yeah kill her, kill her, kill her, after all we murder thousands of unborn babies each year - what's  one more helpless person. I think after Terri is dead,   Judge George Greer and Michael  should give O. J. a call.  Maybe the three could go out on a killing spree or at least  beat up some old ladies. I think before they go out with O. J., they should have the privilege of pulling the tube themselves.  Being in Terri's room would certainly  be a unique experience for Judge Greer for he has never taken the time to even look at the person he is going to help murder. In fact I think this little coactive homicide of pulling the tube would be the real thrill for the two but  O. J. would want no part of that, for this kind of murder takes too long to carry out.  Although O. J. likes violence,  he's not that sadistic. He does it quick.

 If this murder takes place, I wonder what Michael will do during those final days while Terri is starving to death?  I Hope he enjoys his food. I hope Judge Greer enjoys his meals also.  Before they go out on their night of beating up old ladies, before they commit  this ghastly crime,  perhaps they can take in a couple of all you can eat buffets.  Yes let's murder Terri.  Let's open up the flood gates of madness. Let's start now deciding who will live and who will be murdered. Let's wipe out the elderly, the retarded, stupid people, low income, fat people, short people, tall people, and whoever else we deem not fit to live.

Listen! Listen! Hitler is applauding. He is standing on his feet in approval!!

God help us if we actually go through with this malevolent  madness. The above parity  is actually a sad commentary on our society. This is not the only case.  I pray Terri will live and not fall victim to a judge with no conscience  and a  so-called husband who must walk hand-in-hand with evil. I can't get this story of Terri Schiavo off my mind. My prayers are with Terri's real family and especially with Terri. I urge all who care about anything decent to pray that this murder will not take place. If Judge Greer remains heartless and does not rescind his order, I hope there are so many people in that nursing home that they prevent this ungodly act from being carried out.