May Not be Politically Correct but...

My comments may change from week to week - I just pray I can turn the flag ride side up!

Flying the American flag upside down is a symbol  of the nation in severe distress and danger. While it may not be politically correct or  proper flag etiquette, I am using this symbol on this site because our nation is in dire distress. After January the 20th every life will be in more danger than now - everybody from the innocent baby in the mother's womb to the citizen on the street. Our country was sold out on November the 4th, election day, for thirty pieces of silver. We elected Obama.   Other than many being fed up with Bush and his administration, he was elected for three reasons. First, the vast majority of Blacks (98% of them) were so enchanted with a so-called black that they voted for him.  Secondly, guilty white folks, like most blacks, thought it was time for a so-called black man to be in the White House.  I agree totally!  We had a choice of someone who was 100% black,  by that I mean both parents were African American, unlike in Barrack's case, and that was Allan Keyes, who I voted for in two different elections. The third reason is because we thought Obama would save our money. Take away my rights and take away my freedom, but don't take away my money. Mammon still rules and reigns in this country and we will do anything to keep it, even if it means electing the most evil man in the history of elected presidents. We sold out our morals, our freedom, and our very lives on November the 4th.  I pray I can turn this flag around, but I am afraid it will remain in this position.

I also would like to point out that Obama is in my opinion anti-Israel. If he is not Muslim he has strong Muslim leanings.  The liberal Jews in the United States helped elect Obama with a 78% thumbs up vote. When they helped elect Obama they gave a 100 per cent  thumbs down vote regarding the sovereignty of the nation of Israel. Perhaps I should have the Israeli flag flying upside down as well. May God have mercy on the United States, on the nation of Israel, and on our very souls!!!