Jack Hunter, Editor

Newsletter 41 

June 2005



Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm on My Holy Mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near.

Joel 2:1



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We have a Gentile and Messianic-Jewish focus. We are calling the Church to be holy, and prepare for the Great Tribulation, for it is at hand.  

We will trumpet out warnings of wickedness in the Church, our nation, and the world.  We ask the United States to stand by the nation of Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  We stand by our brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church and warn that persecution is rapidly approaching this country. We will be focus on the cross life and living the life that reflects the life of Yeshua.  We will proclaim the Word of God, calling all mankind to come to the cross and be washed in the blood of Yeshua.

Speaking the Truth in Love


I received a better than average response from our last newsletter, “Mad as Hell”.  That newsletter was somewhat of a turning point for me, but sometimes turns are slow and arduous.  As I continue to make that turn I am thankful God is slowly removing the offal. 

I, like many, got caught up in the Terri Schivao murder, and rightly so, but in the process I believe I may have crossed over that line. I was beginning to hate those who murdered Terri.

There is certainly not only validity, but a mandate for righteous indignation; yet there is a thin line that can easily be crossed from having righteous indignation to that of unrighteous detestation.

I received the following quote from a brother in Alabama and I found it quite germane to what I am trying to say.  "He can't use me to lead someone to freedom if
I'm in bondage to their bondage."

How can I lead anyone out of captivity,   if I too am a prisoner? What is so tragic about crossing over the line is that one’s hate begins to take on multiple personalities.  When the flesh impregnates hate, it gives birth to a whole family of unrighteous, mean, and jaded children.


I have been accused of not speaking the truth in love more than once.   

Not all ministries are the same, but they all should have the same goal; and that goal   is to do what the Lord instructs. And while they may vary in delivery, their message must always be under the shadow of the cross.  

Our message is not usually a popular one and we get very few accolades. I have accepted that with no complaints. But having that responsibility requires a larger responsibility in itself. But what is speaking the truth in love?

Let me illustrate it this way.  A man was driving through a small southern town one Sunday morning, and being a believer wanted to attend a Bible believing Church. But he had this thing about hearing the truth preached in love.  He saw an old man carrying a Bible with a firm grip in his right hand, and so he stopped the man and asked where a good church was that he could hear the truth preached in love. The old man wrinkled his already wrinkled forehead, folded his arms, and while still clinching the Bible in his right hand said, “Well we only have two churches around here and you will hear pretty much the same thing preached from both pulpits. Yes pretty much the same thing. You know, we are all sinners and we had better repent and live a godly life or we’re going to hell.”

The visitor also wrinkled his brow and said, “Well, are they preaching it in love? Sounds to me there’s not much difference in either one of them.”  

“Oh there’s a big difference” the older gentleman firmly replied.   He unfolded his arms and in a respectful but firm manner pointed his Bible at the visitor.  “One says it with a tear in his eye, and that’s the one I am going to listen to.” The visitor said. “Get in; I will give you a ride.”


Love is truth. And not speaking the truth is damning to those who are listening to you. One’s speech can be full of endearing blandishments but if the words are not true they are words of hate. Years ago a man wrote in my Bible:  “I love the people so little; I gave them what they wanted instead of what they needed.”

Speaking the truth in love is hearing from the Lord, and obeying what He tells you to write or say. Ask Him to lace your words in love. He will know your motives. He will see the tear for He is the one who has placed it there.

 I must be who I am. I struggled with not only my calling, but if I were going to even continue this ministry.  I had to come to a point that I no longer want to be under anyone’s umbrella but the Lord’s - I mean anything from Messianic Jew to the last day remnant.  I am   a mere watchman and perhaps not even a very good watchman, but one just the same. My job is to warn. And I will continue to do that, but with more tenacity than before, and I pray it will be done in love.

When you operate under a prophetic gift you make very few friends, and one has to just accept that.

Being a watchman in biblical times was a dangerous job in that he was to position himself in a vulnerable position upon the tower. He would watch for any sign of danger to the city, and if danger did approach he would sound his trumpet to warn those of the approaching threat. When the watchman did sound his trumpet it was crucial that there was a real threat.

There was no use for a watchman sounding a false alarm just to get a reaction. It would be sheer stupidity to blow a trumpet just to get a reaction.  Likewise it would be sheer evil not to blow the trumpet when those in the city are in grave danger.

Speaking the truth in love is not saying sweet niceties, but it is relaying to the best of my ability what I deem the Lord is saying. I hope I say it in love, but if I am silent then I know I am guilty of hate.


EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and Conventional Terrorist Attacks


Y2K was too early but basically the right message.

But while Y2K dealt with only computers, nuclear weapons have more than one crippling capability.  While they can kill millions instantly, an EMP can indirectly kill even more via destroying and disrupting power grids, electronic systems, and communications of an entire country. I believe it is not only possible, but likely, that an EMP attack will occur.


The people in this country could not handle it. Try to imagine if communication would be reduced to those within the range of the sound of your voice. Your mode of travel would be by horse, bike, or on foot. Stop and think about a world with no television, telephone, lights, air conditioning, elevators, computers, running water; no fuel for cars, airplanes, etc.; and in about three days no food in the stores. These conditions could last for several weeks, months, or even years.

A horrifying thought would be to be caught in city traffic seconds after an EMP attack. Most cars would not run. There are people that get angry if their favorite television show is disrupted for a presidential address. What would they do under the aforementioned?

A single nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 500 kilometers could produce an EMP that would create enough power to cover the entire United States, and could easily destroy, or at least severely damage, military forces and civilian communications, power, transportation, water, food, etc.

Most have known for years that grocery stories only have three days of food on their shelves and in their warehouses.


 According to U.S. Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett and the EMP commission there are a number of nations with EMP capabilities including   Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia.


Something has to set the stage for the Anti-messiah. An EMP attack would set up a fully lit stage for the Anti- Messiah to deceive many.


The blowing of a false trumpet announcing Y2K did a lot of harm. It made many tone deaf to hearing a clear sound of a trumpet, sounding out clear warnings. I know several who really prepared for Y2K and ended up being embarrassed for their efforts. Now we have been put to sleep by too many playing the boy crying, wolf. And we have stopped listening to any one who is saying similar things.

“The bear is playing possum while the eagle is fast asleep

I have sited the above quote a number of times, but I   believe it’s more relevant than ever before.


Now I wish to quote Bartlett again from his article. We met with three of our Russian counterparts on the Dumas International Affairs Committee, including its chairman, Vladimir Luclin, and senior Communist Party member Alejandro Sharon.

On May 2nd, the Russians chastised the United States for military aggression in the Balkans and warned Russia was helpless to oppose Operation Allied Force.

Luclin said, If we really wanted to hurt you with no fear of retaliation, we would launch an EMP attack (submarine launched ballistic missile) and detonate a single nuclear warhead at high altitude over the United States and shut down your power grid and communications for six months or so.  Sharon added, And if one weapon wouldn’t do it, we have some spares.


Add to this Iran, the leading sponsor of international terrorism who is basically giving the United States the finger and also Red China who has its middle finger in our face as we negotiate to restrain their nuclear capabilities.

I really want to be clear on this. I wrote very little on Y2K because it never registered in my spirit, but EMP may be a very real threat.

Terrorist attacks will continue as they have in conventional ways. I see no end in sight because of the war in which the United States is engaged; it will only escalate. You must understand - Islam is not about democracy,   but about Allah.

I am greatly troubled by the nation of Islam, but know this: the average Muslim is often more dedicated than the strongest Churchgoer. So many have a church-house god, but have yet to meet the God of the Bible.

I know we are to love those involved in Islam, but we must beware of the grave danger they are to Jews and Christians alike, as well as a grave danger to the United States. As dangerous as they are, as violent as they may be, in many cases they have more morals than we do. Nevertheless Islam is hell-bent on winning this war because it is a religious war, and not some grandiose ideal of democracy.


President Bush continues to open the borders and close the bases. I think he has and continues to make the grossest errors of judgment when it comes to these issues, especially the borders issue. President Bush needs our prayers for he is getting some very bad advice on certain key issues. Another is his zeal for a Palestinian sate. 



Natural Disasters

I should say so-called natural disasters, for man is partly to blame for what is happening in the weather.

I am one of a few conservatives who definitely believe in global warming. Man has indeed helped promote this. I find myself in a quandary. Many of my conservative   friends are at odds with me on this issue. We like to say we are good stewards of the earth as we destroy it. I think by-in-large the radical environmental movement is WRONG, because of many of their more covert agendas, and some not so covert. But they do make some very good points in basic organic methods. I think the first wrong turn made by the radical environmental crowd was to worship the creation instead of the creator. But we are destroying God’s creation by blatant misuse of chemicals and a thousand other things.   There is a man who has a garden, not that far from me, and I can almost see it glowing from all the chemicals he throws on it. I have never used a chemical in my garden; it’s barren of anything un-natural. But it’s teaming with microscopic activity, plus a lot of life - like huge earthworms. My garden has abundances of coffee grounds, corn meal, dry molasses, egg shells, chicken and cow manure, and about five inches of leaves and alfalfa hay as mulch. At the time of this writing it’s still May and  I have one tomato plant  almost six feet high and all but one over five feet.

Until the end of World War ll   we never used chemicals; but immediately after the war we started, and we are going to pay dearly for our abuse of them.


Many of you know the sun is going crazy. Beyond the fact that man is causing negative changes on planet earth the sun is too. I believe the earth’s magnetic field is being greatly compromised.  As the result of this and the activity on the sun, via solar storms, we will witness more and more weather related disasters. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other horrific weather related disasters will be more and more commonplace.


The brain is a biological electromagnetic processor. Our body functions via wired nerves with electrical impulses traveling to and from the brain. The body is composed largely of water, and electrically is extremely conductive. The human is a triune being, made up of body, soul, and spirit. Our make-up physically is basically electro-biological.


It’s fairly well known that geomagnetic disturbances caused by these solar storms can influence the workings of electro-mechanical systems. So if these can be influenced, why can’t electro-biological systems be influenced as well?

Physical, mental, and emotional health is intertwined with the balanced electromagnetic process within the mind and body. Unless our spirit and mind is controlled by the Holy Spirit, it is easy to imagine how these same electromagnetic processes could be negatively influenced by electrically charged particles in the atmosphere and shifting magnetic fields – resulting in, not only physical problems such as aches and pains, but mood swings, depression, rage reactions, irritability and bizarre behavior. 

The world is in a state of unrest, and while violence is breaking out everywhere the largest explosions ever recorded in the solar system have recently occurred on the suns surface. This could affect the animals as well.

Revelation 6:8


There is a lot that awaits us, but being prepared physically is futile at best without spiritual preparation. You must understand! We are being hit from within by satan’s weapons as well!


So many who profess to be believers have only a church-house god and are most vulnerable!

Wake up, oh sleeper! Arise from your slumber; come out of your constant somnambulism! Wake up! Wake up!

Many continue the whole-sale market of the gospel.

The modern “Christian” has marketed the gospel through all sorts of paraphernalia,      hype, and gimmicks, and has made millions by cheapening the gospel.


Things will not always be as they are!

The Bible is clear on this.  

The earth will perish like a worn out garment.

Psalms 102:25-28

The earth will pass away.

Revelation 21:1-4 1 John 2:15-17


God will shake the heavens and the earth.

Hebrews 12:26-29


The earth will burn up

2 Peter 3:10-13


The earth will be shaken and break up.

Isaiah 24:17-23


When the Messiah Yeshua comes, the mountains will melt.

Psalms 97:1-6


The earth will be delivered from bondage of corruption into liberty.

 Romans 8:19-22


What do we do with all that is facing us? Have another church social? Buy an additional six pack? Find a new place to eat?  Get another drug? Buy a more expensive car? Visit another porn site? Perhaps we could put our hands in our ears and sing the ABC song!


So What are We to Do?

What should we do? Am I speaking the truth in love? I believe I am.

First let me be emphatically clear! We need to be prepared physically for all that awaits us, but if we are not spiritually prepared all our physical preparation is, at best, a waste of time.

We must live a life of holiness, looking ahead to a new heaven and a new earth. 

We must learn to fear God and serve Him with reverence. So many modern churches have lost the meaning of the word reverence.


We should trust the Lord and be patient in all kinds of trouble.

James 5:7-11

Romans 12:12

2 Corinthians 6:4


We should trust God no matter what happens to us in the physical realm.

We must get real, get honest, and fall in love with Yeshua all over again. We must love God with all our heart, mind, and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves.

While I am convinced that the Church will most certainly go through the great tribulation and another Tim Lahaye book or movie will not change that, but there are those as I write going through tribulation now. Beginning with the next issue I will begin writing articles about the persecuted Church in which thousands are being killed and imprisoned.

As I close this letter, my heart aches for our country because of her great sin. My heart aches for several family members. Some are severely ill and in great pain, some of my children are in the grasp of satan and could be in grave danger, and I have friends that have almost lost all hope. As for me personally, I am learning to trust the Lord as never before! I have found that there are times no human can understand the hurt one is going through - much less heal it, not even the closest ones to you - even your wife, or closest friend. Only God can be an anchor when the storm really rages.

Nahum 1:3-8,

Habakkuk 3:17

Romans 8:19-22


We must learn to trust and obey.

Perhaps you saw no tears in the words of this letter, but they were there and it was written in love.

As long as I continue to write I will write under my calling and do it in love.


Now may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you through His Son Yeshua.


In His Service


Jack Hunter


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


I was blessed by attending a prayer meeting at a camp site in rural Oklahoma. My wife and grandson also attended, and they also were blessed. Perhaps because of my own indecision and/or other factors, we were prevented from spending the night but what time we were there, I can say with complete candor was well spent.

I, like many of you reading this newsletter, are starved for true fellowship with true believers. This is the one arrow that satan has shot and found the Achilles heel in many believers. This is the arrow of isolation. Over the course of a number of years many believers have decided to step out of sync with the average churchgoer, and walk to the sweet and true sound of the Holy Spirit. They have grown weary of playing the church games and basically got real. This made satan very angry. He would love to keep them bogged down in wasted church activities, having enough religion to make themselves miserable, and everyone around them even more miserable. Yet those who have chosen a deeper walk    have found themselves isolated and alone. As hot as any coal may be inside the fire, outside the fire its endurance is short-lived. 

So I implore you to find real fellowship whenever that door is open. For none of us is so strong that even a weaker brother or sister cannot give a hand.

I have made, and will continue to make, some difficult decisions concerning this ministry. One is that we will no longer have a ministry phone. We don’t get that many calls and we are spending the Lord’s money on a phone line that could be used for postage.

I am praying about keeping the website up - I just don’t know at this time. I want to concentrate mainly on writing. That is what the Lord has called me to do. I now wish to thank each of you for reading “A Trumpet in the Wilderness”. I hope somehow you will be blessed by what you read. I have experienced a new and honest freedom in my writings, and I hope that will be reflected in future newsletters.