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November, 2007



Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm on My Holy Mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near.

Joel 2:1


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We have a Gentile and Messianic-Jewish focus. We are calling the Church to be holy, and prepare for the Great Tribulation, for it is at hand.  

We will trumpet out warnings of wickedness in the Church, our nation, and the world.  We ask the United States to stand by the nation of Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  We stand by our brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church and warn that persecution is rapidly approaching this country. We focus on the cross life and living the life that reflects the life of Yeshua.  We will proclaim the Word of God, calling all mankind to come to the cross and be washed in the blood of Yeshua.

Islam is Right??

My Mock Interview With Fahad



May I call you Fahad?



Yes, please do.


Question: Fahad, are Muslims, well Islam in general, tolerant of homosexuals and   homosexuality in general?


Answer: No! No!!  We are not! Unlike in your country, your so-called “Christian” country, which is not only tolerant of homosexuals in your government, schools, work places and now your churches, but it  also embraces and endorses the homosexual lifestyle.  Let me give you just a few examples.

Just the other day some radical homosexuals were given communion by an old gentleman named - oh what is it - yes, Archbishop Niederaver. Two “in your face” homosexuals dressed in nun drag came in and were served communion by the Archbishop, who has the reputation of, let’s say, being “gay friendly”.  Then there’s the gay Protestant Gene Robinson. You know Jack, this would never happen in any Islamic Mosque anywhere on earth.


Let me add a couple of things Fahad. Couldn’t say it better myself. I agree that this behavior would never take place in any Islamic Mosque anywhere in the world. Your charges are well founded. I recall when the President of Iran was for some reason invited to Columbia University, the only real boos he received were in regards to his response to a question on homosexuality.   He claimed there were no homosexuals in Iran.  My point is not so much about his answer, but rather the response of the audience.  I wonder if anyone in the University that day knew or cared about the Christian persecution that is taking place in Iran. I know Ahmadinejad knew; I know Ahmadinejad didn’t care!  Just in April, 40 Christians were imprisoned in Iran. Do you want to know what for Fahad? They were praying for Muslims. But you’re right however, about many in the West and in the Western Church embracing the sin of homosexuality and at an accelerated speed. The Catholic Church is spending millions protecting their “pedophile priests”, but we Protestants are making headlines daily regarding the horrible, sadistic sexual activities engaged in by those in the ministry. The liberal Protestants have more than their “poster child” Gene Robinson; many are rewriting the Bible to fit their perverted lifestyles.   What can I say, Fahad? I am ashamed of the American Church in general and we must repent.

By the way, Israel is just about as corrupt as the West.  Tel Aviv wants to be known as “The Gay capital of the world.”  I quote from Bridges of Peace: “Tourism Ministry Director-General Eli Cohen said he would offer any financial assistance necessary to turn Tel Aviv into the gay capital of the world, and he is not alone: TUI, Europe’s largest tourism conglomerate, has recently decided to offer charter flights to Tel Aviv. Israeli tourism officials said they believe the decision would facilitate the travel of thousands of gays to the country.”

According to “The Free Republic” “Tel Aviv is known throughout the world as “The White City” due to the many Bauhaus-style structures that adorn its streets, but the city may soon be called “The Pink City,” as tourism industry heads are planning on transforming the city into the gay capital of the world, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

“Tel Aviv and gay people are a perfect fit,” an Israel Hotel Association (IHA) official said.  “The idea was born when IHA Director-General Eli Ziv visited London recently to participate in the 2005 World Travel Market exhibition.” “The gay community has amazing consumer power, and Tel Aviv has a lot to offer to this community,” Ziv explained.  “We have the beach, sun, culture and nightclubs. To our knowledge, gays are capable of hopping on a plane and traveling to the other side of the world just to participate in parties and events that are related to the gay community.”   “We are drafting plans to encourage gay tourism from Germany, England and Holland,” Ziv added.

Jerusalem is scheduled to host the 2006 World Pride Parade, but Ziv is already working to have it moved to Tel Aviv.

It’s a tragedy.  NO!! It’s far worse.

It’s almost “reprobatable”. A reprobate is thoroughly wicked, morally abandoned, vile, damned.  I said almost                “reprobatable” but not! Israel will repent but they will go through the fire of fires.

I support the nation of Israel but they are dancing the dance of satan and it’s a dance leading to death. If there ever was a time to cease this perverted two-step it’s now - if there ever was a time for Israel to repent the time is now. Yet, it seems Israel wants to compete with the United States for debauchery, but as long as San Francisco is still on the map Tel Aviv will have a rival.


Question: Fahad, don’t you hate so much of our music that you would actually ban it in any Islamic country?


Answer: Look you have your Madonna’s and your little sick girl, what’s her name? Sears - oh it will come to me.  I do listen to your news shows. By the way, that’s what they are – shows.   She’s on there all the time. Spears, that’s it, Brittney Spears. You bet, those two and a thousand others would be banned from our television. Because of the satellite some of this has slipped in from the West, but we have kept most out.  We believe such entertainment is sin and we want to please God.  Guess what Jack? Those in your Churches listen to this junk just about as much as those outside your Churches. What makes us in the Islamic community so angry at the United States is that you want Islam to take part in your sin and debauchery. We won’t do it!!!


Let me add a couple of things. You are right on all accounts. I read in Tom Doyle’s book “Two Nations under God” how his heart sank after watching a broadcast on CNN in which Afghanis with broad smiles were caught on camera holding copies of Playboy magazines. Tom went on to describe how Muslims perceive us in the West as a nation of addicts who are addicted to pornography, alcohol, overeating, immorality, and violence. Regrettably Fahad, the West is as immoral as any Muslim paints it –that is a fact.


Question: Don’t you hate the Jews?


Answer: Well Jack, if I may call you Jack, at last a point we can agree on. We both hate the Jews.  At least your Christian history will bear that out. I am a historian Jack. We know your history almost as well as our own. Let me give you a few quotes. Take John Chrysostom born around 344 AD who was an Archbishop and is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint... This        is what he said about the Jews.

“The Jews are the most worthless of all men – they are lecherous, greedy, and rapacious – they are perfidious murderers of Christians, they worship the devil, their religion is a sickness. The Jews are the odious assassins of Christ and for killing God there is no expiation possible, no indulgence or pardon.”

Then there was Augustine. I believe his life span was from AD 354-430. Here is what he said: “The true image of the Hebrew is Judas Iscariot, who sells the Lord for silver.  The Jew can never spiritually understand the Scriptures and forever will bear the guilt for the death of Jesus because their fathers killed the Savior.”

Jack, it wasn’t just the Catholics. The guy who got you all started. You know Martin Luther.  I mean you Protestants. He said a lot and I quote.

Set their synagogues on fire, and whatever does not burn up should be covered or spread over with dirt so that no-one may ever be able to see a cinder or stone of it…in order that God may see that we are Christians… Their homes should likewise be broken down and destroyed… They should be put under one roof or in a stable, like gypsies, in order that they may realize that they are not masters in our land as they boast, but miserable captives, as they complain of us incessantly before God with bitter wailing.”


I would like to respond to your answer.

It saddens me Fahad, but you hit the tip of the Anti-Semitic Iceberg.  Let me add, groups like the “The White Identity” and “Replacement Theology” are spurious and spreading evil.

Let me be emphatically clear.  I believe the Jews are Yahweh’s chosen people. I am commanded to love the Jew, although many of them are difficult to love.

Yes, Fahad, it’s true some Christians try to deny the connection between Yeshua the true Messiah and the Jews of the world, Jesus never denied his Jewishness. He was born a Jew.  He was circumcised on the eighth day in keeping with Jewish law. He had his Bar Mitzvah on his 13th birthday. He was a law keeper; He kept the Law of  Moses. He wore the Prayer Shawl that Moses commanded all Jewish men to wear. He died on a stake as the Lamb without blemish and yes with an inscription over His head that read: "King of the Jews.”

 And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee.                                                                                                     Psalm 122:6.

As I mentioned earlier, Israel is in rebellion and must return to the God who choose them -The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and then believe and trust in the true Messiah Yeshua!

Question: Don’t you want to make everyone a Muslim?


Answer: Yes! Of course!  The Koran says: He who has sent his messenger with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it prevail over all the religions, and Allah is enough for a witness    Surah 48:28


You see we really believe we are the only way and we are not going to compromise. Once many of you Christians believed your Jesus was the only way, I think you called it the “great commission” but now it’s the “great compromise”. You Christians, you liberal ones are the Muslims’ best friends.


The truth hurts Fahad. Let me respond. I remember in Sunday school, we called it the “Great Commission”:


And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying: All power is given to Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the world.                             Matthew 28:18-20

This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end shall come. Matthew 24:14

But now as far as converting the world to Christianity, well you are right. Many so-called Christians do not want to put their values on another. After all it’s all about choice.

Since we have learned to read from Political Correctness Chapter 28:18-20:  “Accept any and all religions as being equal, for one is as right as the other, for what may be true to you may not be to another.” That is part of the social gospel; Fahad, we Christians should also read Matthew 24:14

It should be noted: Islam and Christianity are the two major religions that say: Theirs is the only true one.

We are not all liberal. Many true believers are dying as you well know at the hands of Muslims and it’s time for the real men and women of God to step forward.


Are you a little embarrassed by the president of Iran’s strong statements on his faith?


Answer: Not at all. Our president has our support to uplift the name of Allah and to point out to the rest of the world that his faith is real. We are proud of him!

When President Bush has mentioned his faith he has received ridicule and many expressed that they were ashamed of him and called him stupid - by the way I agree!

May I go on to say that we are not only permitted but commanded to pray at least five times per day.

Ahmadinejad believes it is his destiny to start the global war that will bring about the emergence of our   "Mahdi," which is equivalent to your so-called Messiah. The Islamic Mahdi will lead a victorious Islamic army in a global conquest of the world for Islam in the last days. It’s funny but your Bible refers to some kind of huge battle at the end of time.

Ahmadinejad reaffirmed that goal in his recent letter to President Bush. In it, Ahmadinejad invited George Bush to embrace Islam as this would have united us and the U.S. would show they are open.

Muslims observe five formal prayers each day. The timings of these prayers are spaced fairly evenly throughout the day, so that one is constantly reminded of God and given opportunities to seek His guidance and forgiveness.

Fajr (pre-dawn): This prayer starts off the day with remembering their God; we do it at sunrise. 

Dhuhr (noon): After the day's work has begun, we break shortly to remember God and seek his guidance.

'Asr (afternoon): This is done later in the day.

Maghrib (sunset): Just after the sun goes down, Muslims remember God again as the day begins to come to a close.

'Isha (evening): Before retiring for the night, we again take time to remember God's presence, guidance, mercy, and forgiveness.

You must understand Jack; we have no separation of Church and State. Allah is involved in every aspect of our lives. 

You see Jack, prayer is important to us and when President Ahmadinejad prays he does what any good Muslim would do. Unlike many of the professing Christians in your country who may publicly pray once a week at a church service, if attendance at such doesn’t interfere with a sporting event, or a business call. We Muslims put our God first, by stopping whatever we are doing at least five times a day and giving homage to him. We are doing this on your own turf.  Oh, that reminds me I guess I should thank you for your mindset of “political correctness”.  You see many of your public schools are letting Muslims pray and the thanks go to courts like the one in California. A bunch of you Christians wanted to stop our Islamic influence i.e., teaching of Islam, students saying Islamic phrases, and taking on Muslims names in role playing exercises, but The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California has ruled against them. If I may go on Jack, New York City is about to open a new taxpayer funded "Arabic themed" school in Brooklyn. Khalil Gibran International Academy will be led by Debbie Almontaser, a Muslim of Yemeni background. For the newsroom we put it this way:  “It is a school that is going to be working quite hard in building bridges of understanding, tolerance and acceptance, valuing diversity and truly just developing students into global citizens,” But Jack, just between us, Debbie is an Islamic missionary.

Sorry Jack, I get a little carried away by all the inroads we are making in your country. Oh one more thing: By the time you finally write your newsletter this day will have already passed, but just for the record - As Halloween is  purely a  Pagan holiday you can see why Muslims do not allow their children to celebrate it. However, your country has made it the second holiday next to Christmas in regards to money spent. It is estimated that you will spend little over three billion dollars on Halloween in 2007; that is up 5.4 per cent from last year, only on Christmas do you spend more.

Wait a minute Fahad, let me respond

You’re batting 100%. Don’t forget about Ellison, a committed. Muslim who was elected to Congress thanks to the liberals in Minnesota. Once a good Catholic boy, having studied at the University of Detroit and having attended a Jesuit high school, Keith Ellison, converted to Islam at the age of 19. He was as you know elected to the U.S. Congress in 2006 representing Minnesota’s 5th District. You also know he took his oath on the Koran.  Regarding President Bush, you are correct he has been bashed for voicing his Christian faith. The liberal press has had a field day with this. Yet, it was his faith that was what first attracted me to him and was a huge motivation for me to vote for him the first time. I still pray for him, yet Fahad, he has learned to compromise. Mr. Bush is the first President to mention the Koran or Qur’an in an Inaugural address, which he did on Jan. 20, 2005. He was the first president to celebrate Ramadan, which is your most celebrated holiday of the year and is commanded in the Qur’an (2:18) to be observed. He did this back on November 19, 2001. Then on December 5, 2002 he made another first by speaking at an Islamic Center. You see Fahad, Mr. Bush either doesn’t know or has developed dorsal fins. I’ve written that Mr. Bush is swimming with sharks and he will either become a shark himself or be devoured by them. On August 1, 2001 he issued an Islamic postage stamp, “Eid Mubarak” and on April 17, 2007 he appointed Zalmay Khalilzad a Muslim as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Khalilzad can meet with Keith Ellison the Congressman from Minnesota and can have lunch with Nancy Pelosi who was the first Speaker of the U.S.  House and who stood in approval as Ellison took his oath on the Koran Jan. 04, 2007

Final Question: Is there anything you would like to add?

Answer: Thanks for the interview Jack and believe me the world has just begun to hear form Islam.

In closing I admit we in the West are very sinful, too many in the Western Church parade our sciolism of the Bible as though we know something. We parade our perversion with pride, and change truth into a lie. By the way the word “sciolism” denotes “supposed knowledge”.  Islam is not the answer. The answer is an out-right repentance, turn and trust totally in Yeshua and then obey the Holy Scriptures.  

The more we see unfolding in the Middle East and the rapid rise of Islam, the more I am convinced that it is Islam that Yahweh may use to bring us to our knees.     

I believe the average Muslim is far more dedicated than the committed Christian and that should make us weep.

Islam is not right and I will be writing more on this subject in later newsletters. I also have much information on our website.

To all of Islam I say:  Just as you wish to make Muslims out of Christians we real Christians wish to make Christians out of you - but not at the blade of a sword, but by laying down our own lives, if necessary. You see my Islamic friend by the Spirit of the true Messiah Yeshua, I can have love for you and all I write is to but bring you to the cross so that you can be guaranteed  salvation, through no act of your own, be it malevolent or even benevolent,  but by  the finished work of Yeshua. May you find Him is my prayer!!! I do not wish to scream at those in the darkness, but to shine light so they might see.

Now may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you through His Son Yeshua.

In His Service,

Jack Hunter

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem   

This author does not capitalize satan.



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