Pat Who? (11-08-07) (My  biting and mordant comments on how I was hurt by Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani)

I was still in recovery over the endorsement by Paul Weyrich for Mitt  Romney  when the shocking,  disturbing, and disgusting news regarding  Evangelist Pat Robertson's  endorsement of Rudy Giuliani came across my desk.  Any concerns I had regarding the endorsement  by Weyrich for Romney pale in comparison to my concerns regarding Evangelist Pat Robertson who proudly and unashamedly endorsed  Rudy Giuliani.

Here is the actual quote from Robertson: It is my pleasure to announce my support for America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, a proven leader who is not afraid of what lies ahead and who will cast a hopeful vision for all Americans. Giuliani took a city that was in decline and considered ungovernable and reduced its violent crime, revitalized its core, dramatically lowered its taxes, cut through a welter of bureaucratic regulations, and did so in the spirit of bipartisanship which is so urgently needed in Washington today.”

Pat Robertson, whose real name  is Marion Gordon Robertson, was born on March 22, 1930 to a wealthy Virginian family. His father Absalom Robertson was a Conservative Democratic United State Senator.  Perhaps his upbringing whet his appetite for politics.   As a Republican he made an unsuccessful run for President  in 1988. Robertson is very smart.  He  is a  successful  business  man, an epitome of televangelists (- he started CBN with just a few dollars), a champion for pro-life, and a crusader for morality. However, he did the unthinkable - he endorsed a man who  is the very antithesis of  what Robertson  has championed!  What did he  have in mind when he endorsed this guy?! How can Evangelist Pat Robertson endorse a man who is joined at the hip with Hillary Clinton on every social issue: issues like pro-abortion, homosexual civil unions, and anti-gun legislation. What are you doing Pat?!

All Robertson  needed to do is to look around the platform during the Republican debates and see  Huckabee, McCain,  Thompson, and Hunter, who are all moral conservatives,  pro-life, strong on defense and have demonstrated that over their careers.  Throw in  Romney, the Mormon, if you want, he's a head taller than Giuliani on every moral issue!

I remember as a young Christian back  in the early sixties,  watching the 700 Club and squinting my eyes with Evangelist Robertson as he got "words of knowledge", usually about individuals who were sick. He and his co-host would pray for the sick, and I joined them them in their prayers.  I was there, right in front of my little television.

In recent years I watched  tears fall down your face Pat,  as you  boldly spoke truth about the innocent babies being murdered in their "safe "environment  -  inside their mother's womb. Why Pat, why?  Why did you change? Or did you change? Why did you endorse Giuliani?   Is it because you not only received millions of accolades from the GOP elite but  also compensation for such an endorsement? I know you're the key member of the "700 Club", but is your membership in  the "Million Dollar Club" with the GOP "shapers"  just as strategic?  The oligarchy mindset of the "Million Dollar Club" can be the iceberg to sink your ship Pat. Who is Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson?  Tell me you're not a lizard  Pat - chameleon by name.

I have learned to wait at least a few minutes  before I write something so things can gel. I waited an entire day before I wrote this article. My quandary over the Romney endorsement by Weyrich faded because of my outrage over the Robertson  endorsement of Giuliani. But I am glad  I waited.   How was I going to describe the myrmidon of the Republican Party?  Initially I was going to use two words to describe Pat Robertson. The two words were:"Political Prostitute". I am thankful I slept on it.  I believe those  two  words were a little harsh. I just need one word,  but another ''P" word  to describe Evangelist Pat Robertson.  That  one word  is: Politician. Yes, Politician with a Capitol  "P". Yet,  Evangelist Pat Robertson has prostituted himself, and now instead of being an Evangelist for the LORD he has become  The  Evangelist for the Republican Party. Shame on you Pat Robertson - yes, shame on you - shame on you!! 

Pat, do you believe Giuliani will really appoint pro-life Supreme Court Judges? George Bush has waffled on several issues but he has remained stead-fast on pro-life. He has paid pure hell for  trying to get his pro-life nominations passed for the Supreme Court. Do you believe a pro-abortion man like Giuliani will fight as hard as Bush?

Pat, your concern about safety is noted, and I agree with you that Islam is the most evil and dangerous enemy that we have ever faced. It's like fighting millions of  Hitlers. But, when any of us sells out his beliefs or prostitutes his beliefs to the highest bidder or pimp,  then he has dug his own graves, even if he compromises for safety and security!

 I fear Hillary Clinton, with her scurrilous mouth and her poisonous and socialist mind as much as you,  but Pat, I agree with James Dobson when he says we have to vote our conscience! What will you do next to propitiate the Republican Party? Turn against the Nation of Israel? Will you turn against  Israel, if that's the direction your icon, the GOP, is going? The "Grand Old Party" may become your albatross.

Giuliani is basically a parvenu in the political arena as far as a world spokesman goes.  He  took advantage of  the aftermath of 9-11; this is when Giuliani really shined, but that shine is tarnished by his grossly immoral attitude toward moral concerns such as abortion and homosexuality. At least he is not nebulous on his immoral stance on moral issues; while he may make a frail attempt to cover them with a thin coating of veneer, the ugliness and filth still come through.

One who's addicted to drugs did not become an addict overnight. It was a process. A prostitute did not become one after the first sexual encounter. It also was a process. A political prostitute in like manner only becomes one by a series of compromises. Any time we prostitute our beliefs we have become just that - a prostitute. It becomes addictive!  When we compromise on this issue, we move a little to the left on that idea;  we know it's not right, but we do this to get that; we settle for the lesser, instead of the better.  As long as we have anything left to sell - we will sell it!  Then one day we wake up with nothing left to sell, and we're like a dried piece of diseased dung lying on the hot asphalt. We have no use except to contaminate  the water supply.

When compromise becomes a way of life, that life will engender a life without morals. Compromise will always beget evil and evil will beget death!

The truth is I am distraught, saddened, and just plain hurt by Robertson's decision more than I am angry.  I am hurt because many will blindly follow him,  their leader,  as sheep without questions.   I am especially hurt because of the change in Robertson himself.

I am intransigent on this! If my choice is between  Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani than I will either write in another name for the privilege of voting or make a first time decision, and sit this election out.

Turn around Pat  -  expunge the poison that is buried deep within you. Shake off the offal - rip off the albatross - resign from your role as The Republican Evangelist. When someone says: Pat Who? I don't want to hear - Pat the Evangelist  for the GOP,  but  I want  to hear Pat Robertson,  the  Evangelist for the Lord.

Do it Pat - turn around - it's the right thing to do!!