The United States Distancing Itself from Israel -  (01-21-11)

More and more are calling for the United States to distance itself from Israel. One of the most recent of those is George Friedman from Strategic Forecasting, Inc., more commonly know as Stratford, a global intelligence company which was founded in 1966 by George Friedman in Austin, Texas.

George Friedman has published a book that called on the Obama Administration to reorder U.S. foreign policy. Friedman has argued that the key element of his proposal requires the end of U.S. strategic ties with Israel and the bolstering of cooperation with the Islamic world, particularly Iran and Pakistan.
“The United States must quietly distance itself from Israel,” Friedman says in his book, entitled “The Next Decade.” “It must strengthen — or at least put an end to weakening — Pakistan". Friedman went on to say  "The decline in U.S. support for Israel must mark the first step in a revised American foreign policy". This is vital for what he termed the survival of the U.S. empire."
This is in no way the first anti-Israel voice to be heard waging its war on Israel by asking the United States to withdraw its support. According to the "Middle East Newsline"  Anthony Cordesman,  a former consultant to Obama argued that the United States strategic alliance with Israel was harming Washington's interest in the Middle East.

While Israel is very far from perfect, the Jews are still God's chosen people. While  many Jews in Israel have persecuted Christians, they are still God's chosen. While the Jews in Israel are just as evil and stupid as many in the United States, they are still God's chosen -  That is a point to remember - They are God's chosen.

Yes, I believe we are distancing ourselves from Israel, that distancing will lead to dismissing Israel, which will lead to a total abandonment of Israel, which will lead to a coalition that will stand against Israel and that in turn will lead to our death!