Westboro Baptist Church -  Won't you Repent ? (01-19-11)

My comments are coming from one who has written many articles exposing the sin of homosexuality and the evils of the homosexual agenda, and who seldom uses the  hijack word "gay".  I believe the homosexual agenda has thrown heavy rocks into a sinking boat and is doing much to tear this country asunder.

Before I set the tone of this commentary let me give some information on the church I write about and why I am calling on them to repent!   Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)  believe they are God appointed to spread their message of hate, via among other things, protesting at funerals, many of which are those of dead soldiers, by carrying signs that state: "God hates fags".  WBC hates homosexuals and also believe God hates them. They also an immense amount of hatred for Israel.  In addition on their hate list they also believe God hates Catholics.  They had planned to protest the funeral of little Christina Tyler Green who was murdered by the crazed shooter on Saturday January 8th in Tucson Arizona. Their signs would have read: "God hates Catholics" - the little girl's family is Catholic.
They even protested at the funeral of Jerry Falwell, apparently for his support for and love of Israel and preaching that God loves everyone. WBC has  strongly denounced Israel.   By the way Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is a strong supporter of Israel.  Westboro Baptist Church has a membership of just under a hundred, closer to seventy. Much of their membership are family members and many are attorneys. WBC is an independent church and is not affiliated with any other Baptist church in their Association or anywhere in the United States. While WBC says their beliefs are akin to the Primitive Baptist, the mainstream Primitive Baptists have denounce them. While affiliation does not necessarily have anything to do with correct doctrine, in this case it does. The members of WBC seem to know a God of hate. While He is absolutely a God of justice he also is a God of love who even loves each member of WBC. I urge them to throw down their signs of hate and fall on their knees and repent!

I wish to address the members of Westboro Baptist Church. I start with asking you the following. Do you not believe that your unbridled  behavior is not more reprobate than those you protest against?  Do you not think that by standing up waving signs during the funeral of a person who was killed in the line of duty or died by any means that you are going to cause those bound by the sin of homosexuality to somehow repent? Do you not believe that your dissonant rhetoric has only promoted the sins you denounce and at the same time diminishes the true message of the Christian faith? 

While Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is fighting for her life  you  are rejoicing? Are you also rejoicing over the six others who were murdered including  little nine-year old Christina Taylor Green? Yes you are!! This is damnable !!!! It is you who need to repent for your demented perverse actions. If you wish to carry a sign why not carry it in the toughest homosexual bar in the United States a few minutes after midnight on any weekend. While you agreed to back off of protesting at little Christina's funeral  in exchange for air time to promote your own agenda, I know you will return to other funerals and your message will only promote the very thing you claim you are against. Do you not believe your actions only promote the homosexual agenda far more than any protest they could ever mount? You are supposed to be intelligent individuals, at least you are educated. You are either incurably or incredibly stupid. Perhaps you are being paid off by the most radical  leaders in the homosexual group. Every radical homosexual must stand up and cheer every time your group shows up at a funeral for by your actions you have been furthering their cause by sweeping strides! You appear to know a God of hate. While He is absolutely a God of judgment; He also is a God of love. He even loves you, each member of WBC. I urge you  to throw down your signs of hate and fall on your knees and repent! Perhaps you should also throw down your stones! I somehow feel that if you were among the crowd in the 8th Chapter of John's Gospel where the woman was caught in adultery that you too would have had to throw your stones to the ground and walk away. We all, including you, need to hear and abide by the words of Yeshua (Jesus)  "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her," Then He said: "Sin no more" Have you sinned today? I have and I will again. I thank God for His grace!!

What is so deleterious about this group is they have truth sprinkled all through their theology. Just like the Klu Klux Klan has lies sprinkled with truth that does not keep it from being deleterious and evil.  Some of what the WBC proclaim is absolutely true, in fact to the letter of the law. They speak a lot of truth in that God is going to judge this country and the world for its blatant sins. But it's their methods that are  indeed damning! This is why in my opinion satan is using them greatly to try to destroy the Christian faith! I question who commits the greater sin - WBC or what and those they protest against!

To the Westboro members I strongly urge you to repent for your actions. Many innocent people have been devastated by what you deem as righteous. Because of your actions, I believe many would-be Christians ran from the faith and to something else - God forbid it was your church!!! Remember the aforementioned was written by a guy who strongly confirms the validity of the Christian faith, and condemns the sin of homosexuality and its evil agenda. But my two-fold question to you is this: Are not your methods and actions more harmful  and destructive to the Christian faith than any radical atheist group could ever mount and are not your actions actually promoting  the homosexual agenda far more than the most radical homosexual could ever do?

This article has been difficult to write. I agree with this group at WBC in speaking out against sin; we must do that with all we have!! Yet I do not find that God hates the sinner. I believe I remember reading something about someone dying for the sinner. That someone was Yeshua (Jesus) who died at a city dump on a stake. I agree with this group from WBC that we must proclaim with all we have that sin will certainly lead to death, but I question if the methods of this group are promoting the very things they are protesting. Has the group from WBC ever heard of the term "grace"? I do not mean "cheap grace" that Dietrich Bonhoeffer so correctly and eloquently has described, but  true grace found throughout the New Testament and that word seems to have eluded the good members' theology at WBC.

I have one more question for the members of the WBC, in which I do not expect a reply or believe they will even read this commentary. But the question is this: How do you think Nathan rebuked David in Samuel 12:7  for his abominable act of  adultery with Bathsheba  and the cowardly murder of her husband Uriah? Do you believe he pointed and wagged his finger at David and with a strident and inauspicious voice screamed: "You are the man"?  Perhaps not! Perhaps he delivered his message with a voice that reeked with sorrow and a heart that was broken by David's sin and quietly but firmly said: "You are the man."

It's my prayer you will repent of your demented actions and discover the real God of the Bible who is just as much a God of love as He is judgment!! I ask you again - I beseech you in the name of Jesus: Will you throw down your signs of hate, fall on your faces, and seek God as never before!  Repent for your actions!  He even loves you!

This author does not capitalize "satan"