What A Disaster Really Does (09-10-05)

I, like millions, watch with horror the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. I, along with millions, watch with dismay and anger not only at the aftermath  but at some of the barbaric, lewd, and criminal behavior. I watched one young black man shouting to a Fox News reporter: "This is our store now" as he made his way with an armful of none edible items.  This was one of many similar scenes played out on National television for days after the fury left by this hurricane. I watched the Mayor of New Orleans and heard his strident voice filling  the airwaves with  his vehement  and vulgar language as he put the blame on everyone but himself. I heard of rapes, murders, and all sorts of wicked and repugnant behavior. Given the history of the corrupt  Mafia controlled government not only in New Orleans but the entire state of Louisiana  what could one expect? Louisiana is known for its voodoo theology  that has  polluted the minds of thousands,  like the toxic waters that covered much of New Orleans itself in the aftermath of Katrina. The degradation and perversion have made their way down the streets of new Orleans in form of parades and the back alleys and bars for decades. I saw hell open up and reveal  its inhabitants and my heart broke at the utter lasciviousness coming in our homes via news broadcasts like some porno movie.

Yet, I saw other things as well. I witnessed heaven open up and I also saw its inhabitants.  I witnessed a black lady who had lost all she had praising God for His protection and His sovereignty. I saw black and white rescue workers putting their own lives on the line to save another. I watched the magnanimous and selfless behavior of volunteers as they literally worked  day and night  without sleep to bring what good they could to a not so good situation. From the grandiloquent words of cunning politicians to the most simple prayers Christians, I heard it all. 

So what can we learn? What did we learn? Hopefully much. I want to share one fact that I already knew. Proverbs 23:7" For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:..."

Perhaps we would like to think that crisis and destruction can produce character but I am coming to believe that crisis and destruction will only reveal  what is already there. If we are not living a righteousness and holy life now,  I do not think a storm like Katrina will produce it. A hurricane  will only blow away the veneer so the real properties are revealed. Any disaster will not produce character but reveal the character that was already there, or not there. If we are not loving our  brothers and sisters now, if we are not serving God now, if we are not praying now, any disaster will only bring  out a short lived recovery as it did in 9-11.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he is as true today as it was when it was penned by  Solomon, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God in the middle of the tenth century B.C.

New Orleans is typical of many cities in the United States, i.e., full of righteous and unrighteous  people and we witnessed both because Katrina brought it out.